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the “it’s finally spring” edition of my bi-weekly catch up posts.

we’ve been keeping pretty busy around here. my little artist anna keeps making fun pictures. this is a blue alligator in the making. since we are down to seven chickens, i decided they could live inside the coop for awhile … Continue reading

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the last two weeks and five days…

warning. i think there’s 33 total pictures to document. starting off with this knucklehead. valentine addressing. (side note: based on the loot isaac brought home, he was the only kid that didn’t give out a pile of candy. just tattoos.) … Continue reading

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snow day!!!!!!!

like the rest of the united states of america, we are experiencing some super wintry weather around these parts. yesterday, the kids were sent home early, because of the pending snow “storm”. it did snow. and it was very cold. … Continue reading

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halloween festivities.

thursday was halloween. in case you missed it. isaac had a party at school to celebrate. well, not a party. a “special snack”. because they are allowed only two official parties in the year. so, i think they save them … Continue reading

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memorial (satur)day family tanglewood visit.

we kicked off our memorial day weekend with a little outing to tanglewood park. apparently, we did the same thing last year. this time, though, we brought lucy along, to test out the new dog park. before lidkids, we used … Continue reading

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5/6/13 – 5/12/13

some pictures… anna and the world’s best dog: i gave my kids each a roll of washi tape. here’s what anna did: and what ike did: wednesday, the 8th, was anna’s actual birthday, so we went out for a delicious … Continue reading

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chickens, princesses and friends.

we’ve had quite a time with our chickens lately. first, we came home from a weekend trip to find four hatched babies. well, two slipped under the fence and were quickly gobbled up by the neighbor’s dog. sad. this picture … Continue reading

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it’s been a little bit crazytown around here lately. i probably say that a lot. but, it’s been a long few weeks. long. anyhow… excuses. here’s some pictures. a lot of pictures. dating back to january. krispy kreme donuts with … Continue reading

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instagrammy and such

not much to report from around here. if you follow me on instagram, this will mostly be redundant. but, there’s a few new pictures thrown in… i don’t know if i’m overlapping other posts, but i’m too lazy to look … Continue reading

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stuff and things.

not much to report around here. it felt like i had a ton to post about, but then i looked through my pictures since last weekend when we put up the tree and there were like 10 total pictures taken. … Continue reading

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