june. (seriously belated).

so. we were at the beach and then in new york for a good part of june, so i thought i didn’t have a ton of stuff to post about. but, i still managed to rustle up 24 pictures from random june happenings….

like this picture of my delicious (and organized) breakfast.

picture one of theannababy and harry potter.  (not sure if i’ve posted on my blog or not.  we have had a suspicion that the lone survivor of the lucy massacre was a rooster.  we know now – after some morning cockadoodle-dooing – that he is for SURE a rooster.  so, we have take to calling him harry potter, the boy who lived.  in other news, we will either have to get rid of him, move, or find a solution for his morning shout outs).IMG_8530


“mom. the chick can ride on my shoulders like how we ride on dad’s shoulders.”IMG_8579

pic 3 of anna and harry.IMG_8588

had a girls night out with heather and jude.  we went to johnny cash open mic night.  and had soda pops.  we are old.IMG_8604

these dudes were legit.IMG_8609

ipad junkies.IMG_8615

my quilting has slowed to almost a halt these days.  it’s a combination of a lot of things.  laziness.  a bit of lost interest.  three kids home all day. one less crazel nap.  but, i did manage to finish up this top for my friend, danii.  maybe someday i’ll get it quilted.  :)IMG_8619

isaac loves hazel.  he asked me to take this picture.  :)

the annababy.  with her princess anna braids.  :)

one of the last days with isaac still in school.  girls only breakfast…. silly girls, that is.IMG_8705

happy girls.IMG_8719

18 month checkup.  there were shots.
and i suppose i should write a blog post about the 1.5 year old, but if i don’t, here’s her stats, at least:
height: 32.5″ (74%)
weight: 24 lbs (69%)
head circumference: 19.4″ (98%).

of course she had to climb all over the table and stand up and lean over the edge as much as possible.   IMG_8758

isaac’s last day.  he had a great year and loved mrs. joyce.  (she was due to have a baby that exact moment, but it would be another whole week. poor girl.)IMG_8760

the kids left their legos out.  hazel had a field day.IMG_8781

i cannot resist taking pics of the girl and her oatmeal.IMG_9282

anna’s bloody toe nail.  (see previous post).  you’re welcome.IMG_9290

lazy summer morningz.IMG_9298

zucchini tester.IMG_9304

movie night.IMG_9307


now that it’s summer, we were finally able to connect with these fun friends again.  :)IMG_9325


i’m all caught up.  (except for posting about the last two weeks in new york, that is…)

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no dads atlantic beach trip. last day.

i’m on a roll!!

our last beach day started at the pool.IMG_9210

juliana’s family left early, so we all said our goodbyes.  :)  (juju is natalie’s little sister.  she loves hazel.  natalie loves anna.  it’s a big sister little sister thing).IMG_9214

anna still had makayla. IMG_9217

in the afternoon, anna went to the beach.  and these two played minecraft.  and hazel napped.IMG_9235

for dinner, we all went down the the shark shack for some fried foods.  anna and her buddy, claire. (makayla’s little sister).IMG_9234

the boyzzzz.IMG_9225

the fried foods.  IMG_9226

crazel.  testing out a fried shrimp (conclusion: she doesn’t like shrimp, but will gladly peel off the breading and eat that).  i mostly took this pic to get a shot of the shark shack in the background so it didn’t look like i was photographing random strangers.IMG_9230

ike and friends.IMG_9231

while cleaning and packing, i came across this sign on the way back from the dumpsters.  very sad.  i hope he was found.IMG_9237

the next morning, we woke up and straightened up and hit the road.  after a bit of driving, we stopped for some good old waffle house.  these kids love the waffle house.IMG_9244

we were a disaster. IMG_9245

just after the last pic was taken, we went to the bathroom before heading home.  and when anna opened the bathroom door, she ripped her toenail off.  well.  not all the way off.  just peeled all the way back, so it was bleeding profusely and flapping in the wind.  she screamed her best and longest horror movie scream and attracted the attention of all the waffle house customers and staff.  we did our best to clean it up and i managed to find one very inadequate bandaid to hold down the bloody flapping nail.  she managed to settle down and we got back on the road home.  poor kiddo.

the kids were fantastic and we made it all the way home with no more stops and i couldn’t help but document this kid upon our arrival.  such a beauty when she car sleeps.IMG_9248


aaaaannnnddddd… that’s the end of the beach trip.

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no dads atlantic beach trip. days four and five.

back to the beach. IMG_9083

there was a lot of sand castle building on this day.IMG_9087

with my little pony accessories.IMG_9092

and princesses.IMG_9094

ruler of the kingdom.  rainbow dash.IMG_9095

the boy. attempting to catch a fish.IMG_9098

the girl. being cute.IMG_9103

more sand castle mania.IMG_9104

general candid shot.IMG_9107

another of the boy. it’s a miracle.IMG_9115

in the afternoon, while hazel napped, anna stayed at the beach with some other moms and alden came over to play minecraft with isaac.  the sand and salt and sun wore them out.  IMG_9118

day five.  juliana’s birthday.  off to dunkin donuts for an early breakfast birthday celebration.  IMG_9122

we pretty much took over dunkin donuts for our little gathering.  i’m sure they were glad to see us leave.  singing to the birthday girl.IMG_9127

after some donuts, we were off to the aquarium (it’s free with our zoo membership!)… this super sweet sand sculpture was on the way in.  the boys were mesmerized.IMG_9134

family pic in the mouth of some large sea creature fossil.IMG_9192

all of the attending small kiddos.  IMG_9147

hazel LOVED it.IMG_9150


the boys.  i like to think they were talking about sharks and ocean life, but i’m sure they were discussing minecraft.IMG_9184


the annababy checking otu the tiny jellyfish.IMG_9190

and. back to the beach.  juliana loves hazel.  hazel loves juliana.IMG_9198

happy anna face.IMG_9200

more sandy fun with juju.IMG_9202

crazel and juju.IMG_9205


and. that’s the end of days 4 and 5. (day 6 was the last day so that will be a short post)…




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no dads atlantic beach trip. days two and three.

after selecting all the pics for this post, it appears we didn’t go to the beach at all for days two and three. strange. anyhooo… here’s what we DID do.

we started off with a slow morning, because hazel learned that she can climb out of her pack and play and we got a very early start. so, some chill breakfast and reading time.

then. off to the pool. hazel – still not a water fan. she just played with toys nearby.

and was just generally cute.

later, for dinner, we went out to the sanitary fish market for some seafood dinner fun.

if i’m being honest, my food was not quite amazing.  ok.  but expensively ok.IMG_8938

anna set up this little scene of a playmobil puppy dining on a hush puppy.IMG_8939

on day three, the whole crew loaded up and drove down to fort macon for a little (hot and sweaty) exploration.  (this is where i remember to tell you that it was like 98 degrees the entire week).  i tried to take a fort macon flag selfie, but lorena photobombed.IMG_8952

the sisters.  hazel prefers to run rampant, despite anna’s desperate attempts to tame her into strolling hand in hand, like a good little sister should.IMG_8957

the boy and the baby.IMG_8960

exploring one of the many many rooms.IMG_8963

all of the kiddos on a wall.IMG_8979

my flock of little people on the same wall.IMG_8982

another friend, bethany, was with us and snapped many pictures of my kiddos and gave them to me.  she’s the best.IMG_9025

the three lid kids.IMG_8993

more of the three being super cute.IMG_9003

the girls.IMG_9080

there was a little (air conditioned!!!) museum at the fort, so we walked through that to learn (cool off).  clam boy.IMG_9016

clam baby.IMG_9018

another pic that bethany took and sent to me. :)IMG_9023

in the afternoon, i took these three knuckleheads out to try a little metal detecting.  it was a total bust.  they grew bored quickly and we only came back with a pushpin that we found near the boardwalk.IMG_9030

so, we went swimming instead.  anna brought along her frozen dolls.  her naked frozen dolls.IMG_9040

pool bum.IMG_9052

flying crazel.

for dinner, we all packed up and went to el’s drive in for some delicious burgers and such.

and i continued throwing hazel into the air.IMG_9079

our posse.  waiting sort of patiently for food.

heather (homeschool mom) organized the kids to do a little cheer camp game.  hazel totally thought she was playing too.IMG_9069

ahhhh.  finally.  fooooood.  most of the attendees.IMG_9073

my people, eating.IMG_9076

and that’s a wrap on days three and four.  :)

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no dads atlantic beach trip. day one.

first. an apology.
i’m about to play a serious game of blog catchup.
we went to the beach a month ago. then we came home for a week and i attempted to blog, but had a hard time with the photos (iphoto vs. photos) on my brand new computer. so i scrapped it. then we went to ny for two weeks. so, in the next few days, i’m hoping to get myself all caught up.

so, the day after school was out, i packed up the kids and headed to atlantic beach to hang with a group of other moms and kids and NO dads. this blog post is dedicated to our first day and a half. and disclaimer: i take a lot more pics of hazel, because she stays on the beach and i would rather not drop my phone in the ocean.

our first trip down the boardwalk.

the older two headed straight for the waves…

hazel isn’t a big fan of the ocean. she stayed far away. the beach was very seaweedy on the afternoon of our arrival.

morning number one. lazy breakfast. the other kiddo is kaylin, my friend stephanie’s daughter. they were our condo-mates for the week.

crazel and her dumptruck.

pretty anna baby.

more crazel.

this year, anna’s bff, natalie, wasn’t able to join us. but, makayla was there and she filled in perfectly. :)

hazel got a little more courageous and walked closer to the ocean. until it came towards her and sent her running away crying.

sand face.

water and shade break.

later in the day, we went to the pool. the annababy in a tube.

ike, kaylin, and anna action shot.

sad hazel. (i wouldn’t give her a fifth handful of sprees candy).

ike. this pic was as good as it gets with this water lover.

goofy hazel.

toothy smile anna.

and that’s the end of day one. :)

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may. a belated post.

it’s been a bit crazy around here for the last little bit. (end of school, new computer
and i’m playing a giant game of bloggy catchup.
we head to the beach saturday, and i will obviously have about 40 things to blog about that, so hopefully i’ll be all caught up before then.

first up. a catch-all may post.

back to may 1. when isaac had to give a massive presentation on alexander graham bell.

and then he and derek went on a boy scouts camping trip.
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

so, the girls and i snuggled in for a movie night.

then we picked out plants for our garden.

super helpers.

we took poor, neglected, lonely chicken harry potter out for some play time. he’s the perfect size for hazel to hold.

we made a very poor decision to attempt to eat at a mexican restaurant on cinco de mayo. it was sooooo long. and they didn’t give me a cool poncho for my corona. lame.

this seems like a million years ago. the wednesday before mother’s day, anna’s preschool class had a mother’s day tea party. they performed a cute little poem. and fed us cut up foods on sticks and dirt cake. and gave us the cutest little preschool presents.

this was also the weekend of anna’s epic frozen birthday. so there was much frosting and cakery taking place.

on the day of anna’s birthday, i had to go to her class to celebrate and delivery delicious frozen themed foods and then RUSH out to get to isaac’s class picnic, which was obviously scheduled for a month before school was out.

thankfully, it was super laid back. after lunch on a towel, they handed out bubbles to all the kids and they pretty much just frolicked about for awhile. i guess there were tons of activities all morning, while i was slaving away, feeding preschoolers.

these girls.  heart.IMG_7372


anna recieved a fresh batch of kinetic sand for her birthday, so we busted that out to play with. (side note: isaac calls it “connecticut sand”).IMG_7637


we finally planted our garden.  anna is a great helper (and probably the only reason we are even having a garden this year).IMG_7751


um.  the preschool musical.  anna knew all the songs.  and was so ready.  and then was completely paralyzed through the entire little performance.  she stood facing me, eyes locked on me, with tears welling up the whole time.  poor kiddo.  IMG_7785

after a much better day of preschool, we went out to lunch with our friend sam (whose mom is my friend jen. conveniently).IMG_8003

and then. after lunch, isaac’s teacher called to say he had a fever.  so home he came.  and then he completely MISSED his musical.  i was so excited for it too.  it was all schoolhouse rock songs and he (and anna) had been working hard on them.IMG_8006

some isaac artwork.  blue lucy.IMG_8016

hazel has gotten handy with the ipad.  which is fantastic, because now there’s three kids to fight over it instead of just two.IMG_8031

the remaining chicken is most likely a rooster.  nevertheless, he’s very chill and lets anna do whatever she wants with him.  like swing him.IMG_8046

so, remember that bit about isaac getting sent home?  after a few days, his fever spiked a bit and we got a little worried, so off to the doc we went.IMG_8059

and the doc sent us for x-rays.  (where this lady was awesome with isaac).  and the diagnosis was pneumonia.  blerg.  IMG_8055

crazel chocolate face.IMG_8142

three little lid kids all in a row.  watching a screen.  IMG_8259

i’m hoping to write a seperate full blog about camping over memorial day, but if i can’t this one picture will have to do.  our friends, the hungerfords, hosted a massive campout and bbq at their house.  swimming.  tons of food.  campfire. smores.  a terrible night’s sleep.  what’s not to love.  here are some of the kiddos.IMG_8301

matchy jammie breakfast sisters.IMG_8323

derek’s mom bought the girls matching dresses.  anna picked out matching shoes.  and the rest is history.IMG_8359


and then. there was the last day of preschool.  anna ordered me to wash her dress so she could wear it again.  here’s a pic from the first and last day.  the girl has grown a bit, but she’s still a little pip squeak.IMG_8365

more pool fun.  with natalie.IMG_8391

natalie has adopted the lidkid sisters.IMG_8427

crazel the crazelnut.IMG_8425

such a sad face.  because i wouldn’t let her play with the hand sanitizer.  then, to add insult to injury, i wouldn’t let her have my phone.  tragic.IMG_8451

almost done!


at the end of may, the kiddos got baptized.  we all got dressed up (girls in the matchy dresses, of course) and managed a decent family pic!!IMG_8477

after baptism brunch with gramma.  i took about 20 pics and this was the best one.  there’s several where hazel is participating, but the gramma and the anna look weird.  i wish i could photoshop all the best faces.  IMG_8496


and that brings may to a close.  the end.

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bethabara park adventures.

the weather on memorial day weekend was fantastic, so on saturday, i dragged derek and the kids to historic bethabara park for some exploring and climbing and frolicking. and a quick wendy’s picnic. i’m not even going to caption these pics. that’s how lazy i am.



















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anna’s preschool farewell picnic

last friday, anna’s preschool class had their end of year class picnic. she still has one more day (today), but this was the last partay. it was a beautiful day for the park…

of course hazel was along for the ride.

the monkey hanger.

hazel tunnels.

anna tunnels.

the bridge was terrifying with all the big kids jumping around.


anna LOVES mrs. lyon. every time i looked over, she was snuggled up with her (and that’s also why i have considerably more pics of hazel than anna). isaac had her for preschool too, but she’s retiring, so hazel will never have the chance… maybe i can talk her into babysitting.

then some lunch. or in our case, snacky grazing.

and then cupcakes.

this kid is a sugar addict.

it was quite chilly in the shade, so we relocated to the sunny grass.

then, more playing. the sand volleyball court was a perfect gigantic sand box.

happy almost-preschool-graduate.

and that was it.
today, they are having a little ice cream party in class to end the year. in 10 minutes, i’ll go grab her (and i’m guessing bags and bags full of crafts and trinkets and glitter) and i’ll have an official kindergartner.

the end.

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lidbom family camping adventures. round 2.

last fall, we attempted a family camping trip. (in a sweet circus tent). it was a little tough with a tiny, semi-mobile, terrible sleeping hazel, but we still had a lot of fun, so we decided it was time to give it another go.

this time, derek bought a super easy tent to set up (and take down. and dry out if it rains). we found a more open spot for the very mobile, much bigger and busier hazel. and we set up shop.

by the time we were all settled in, it was time for dinner, so derek got to work preparing italian sausages.

the kids went with the old standby. hot dogs.

hazel had her first not-cut-up hot dog in a bun. she’s a big kid now.

anna, proudly displaying her self-prepared meal.

after dinner, derek took the kids to the lake to fish a little. derek’s dad bought anna this super cute little fishing rod.

isaac, derek’s mini-me.

anna was way more interested in fishing that i would have anticipated.

anna and the dad.

back at the campsite, we stirred up the fire for some marshmallow roasting. and by “roasting”, i mean “slight warming so as not to get any brown or tan or off-white”.

after hazel went down, isaac and anna snuggled under a blanket and were actually nice to each other for a few brief moments.

then. there was a very long night. hazel woke up at 2 am. and really didn’t sleep much after that. fifteen minutes here and there. some of the time, she just wandered around the tent, playing. i managed a few good stretches by dragging a chair into the tent and holding her. it was horrible. and it’s not like she was going to sleep in, because at six am, the bright sun shone straight through this roof, and we were all up and awake. hooray.

so, i pressured derek to hurry along with the coffee…

then derek took isaac fishing and i took the girls to the playground.

they attempted to color, but then we realized there were approximately 18 wasps hovering around us, so we made a quick departure.

back at the camp, hazel took a nap, while anna and i played quietly with figurines. or maybe i dozed off while anna played. i can’t remember.

derek came back with a dripping wet isaac, who had decided it was warm enough to swim in the lake. he and anna had lunch and derek took them back out to swim. i waited for hazel to awaken and when she did, we had a dorito picnic.

then we headed out to find the older kids and dad, stopping to feed doritos to the geese. super bi-polar geese. they were hissing at us, as they followed us around hoping for more doritos. geese are terrible. but don’t tell hazel that.

dorito dirt face.

we took the kiddos for ice cream and then headed back to hang at the campsite. i gave hazel a good wipe down. she was as grubby as they come. look at this fresh baby-wiped face.

we had dinner. and then just hung out mostly.

we made the executive decision that one of us would take hazel home to sleep. we wouldn’t be able to function with another night like the first. after much deliberation, it was determined that derek would be the lucky winner of a good night’s sleep. :). so we packed up a lot of our camp and the baby and off they went.

the older kids and i packed some snacks and a blanket and headed over to a giant field where they were playing maleficent. anna really wanted to go. isaac didn’t. anna fell asleep. and isaac made me stay until the end. we were the only two except for a couple of pot smoking teens that rolled in for a little bit.

the second night of sleep wasn’t terrific, but it was a million times better. when we woke up, i packed up while the kids played. we went over to the rec hall area and had a delicious breakfast and waited for derek to come rescue us. and then he did. and like that, our fun family camping adventure was over.

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girlz strawberry picking day.

last week, i took the girls strawberry picking at a little farm nearby.
(isaac had no desire to go, whatsoever, so that worked out nicely for a little weekday trip while he was at school).

so, i dressed them in sort of matching, sort of strawberry-ish outfits and away we went.

anna worked very hard. hazel just sampled the goods.

anna was very good at carefully selecting only the most perfect berries.

hazel hearts strawberries.

hazel in the field.

and anna in the field.

happy strawberry sisters.

more of anna working and hazel tasting.

finally, anna tried one. she’s a fan.

this kid is ridiculous.

sticky strawberry hand.

drippy strawberry juice arm.

slave labor. i saved a dollar a gallon, by putting this kid to work.

enjoying the literal fruits of the labors.

they don’t look like this in the grocery store.

we might need to go back for more. isaac discovered that he does, in fact, LOVE strawberries and two gallons of these beauties were gone in no time.

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