family beach trip 2015. the last day.

the last day.  we started out at the beach.

derek took isaac out in the deeper waters for a long time, so i wandered about with the girls.  collecting bits of shells.IMG_0870_2 IMG_0875_2 IMG_0877_2

and writing in the sand.IMG_0886_2

and snapping as many photos of the sister love as i could.IMG_0894_2

making beach soup.IMG_0896_2

beach soup sous chef.IMG_0898_2

tidal pool fun.IMG_0907_2

i can’t stand it.IMG_0908_2

more tidal pool frolics.IMG_0914_2

isaac returned from his wave adventures to hang a bit.IMG_0921_2

we almost even managed a decent picture.  almost.IMG_0925_2

then, back to the pool.  this knucklehead.IMG_0933_2

for dinner, we found a new little mediterranean place and it was awesome.IMG_0939_2

chicken souvlaki.  seriously.  so good.IMG_0944_2

we pulled into a random mall (to get me a new book!) and happened upon an old school arcade.  i tried donkey kong and then remembered that i’m terrible at video games.IMG_1002 IMG_0950

derek, of course, was in heaven.  he played some super mario bros and then got the high score on ms. pacman, while a fellow ms. pacman enthusiast looked on with wonder.IMG_0951_2

the kids tried pinball.  IMG_0961

we got home pretty late.  slept.  awoke.  packed.  and left.  and derek sneakily snapped this pic while i soaked in one last moment.  i was probably crying.  until next year…IMG_1003_2

i’m done.  just in time for back-to-school blogging!

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fam beach trip ’15 (part 3)

hello. and welcome to another installment of the lidbom family beach trip.
today, i will be blogging about wednesday and thursday.
buckle up. it’s super exciting.

(not really.)

on wednesday, we did the same thing we did most of the week… headed for the beach.  for some reason, this was the day we were obsessed with digging up crushed shells on the edge of the tidal pool.

i’m not gonna lie.  we had a couple of good days and moments, but isaac spent a lot of the vacation a bit grumpy.  he’s hard right now.  IMG_0764_2

this kid loves the beach. ocean. and pool.IMG_0765_2

hazel even began to warm up to the giant ocean trying to sneak up around her ankles.IMG_0767_2

a smile. :)IMG_0823_2

the sisters. IMG_0778_2

more sisters.IMG_0822_2

the crazel!IMG_0798_2

shell shard collector.IMG_0812_2

more grump head.  (i actually think maybe he wasn’t actually grumpy here, he just looked it).


tidal pool sand sifting.


in the afternoon, we hit the pool, and they were selling snow cones, so we obviously had to get some.  IMG_0826_2

snow cone aftermath.IMG_0828_2

for dinner, we hit up the squirrel hut, which derek had heard great things about.  it was a little tiny hole in the wall place that boasted a “legit philly cheesesteak” and was decked out in all manner of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh sports paraphernalia.

the girl.  awaiting her burger.IMG_0834_2

my cheesesteak.  it was good.  but, it definitely fell short of expectations.  sorry squirrel hut.



on thursday, all the kiddos were beached out.  so, we started our day at the pool.  anna did a little tanning in the shade.  weirdo.IMG_1006_2

i got pretty bored with the pool quickly, so hazel and i headed out to the beach for a bit.IMG_0856_2

we spent the rest of thursday inside.  i think we were all worn out.  i read on the balcony with some margaritas, so i can’t really complain.  the kids just played and watched tv and recovered.IMG_0859_2


and that’s all for wednesday and thursday.  so close.

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family beach trip, 2015 (part 2)

our second day at the beach began slowly.  we worked a little on a puzzle (and hazel worked on wrecking it).  had a lazy breakfast.  and eventually got ready for the beach…IMG_0993

at the beach, i made a feeble attempt at a family picture.  hazel was not super agreeable.IMG_0659_2

the boy.IMG_0661_2

the girl.IMG_0663_2

the toddler.IMG_0669_2

the family.IMG_0670_2

more family action shot.IMG_0677_2

isaac learned a lesson in the proper water to sand ratio needed for a solid sand castle.  needless to say, this attempt was a failure.IMG_0681_2

the crazel was  a fan of the walled in wading pool.IMG_0686_2

during hazel’s nap, isaac stayed in and i went to the pool with just this kiddo.  she wasn’t super patient with allowing me some reading time.  here, she’s waiting for 10 minutes to pass until my next dip in the pool.IMG_0702_2

we had a low-key evening, and derek busted out the kerplunk game for a little family gaming.  hazel lost.IMG_0719_2

i underestimated my reading time and read my two books in two days, so on the third morning, this little bookstore saved the day and i picked up two more.IMG_0724_2

the kids needed a little break from the beach, and hazel took a super early nap, so we opted for a day at broadway at the beach in myrtle beach.  our first stop was amici’s brickoven.  i got this super amazing stromboli and then ate way too much.  also.  cool story.  while we were there, a couple saw derek’s pok-a-dot t-shirt and came up to our table and asked if we were from batavia.  she worked at the middle school and knew my brother and he worked at the ARC a few hundred feet down the road from where i grew up.  so, that was a fun little surprise.IMG_0728_2

our main reason for broadway at the beach was to go to magiquest.  it was pretty cool, but maybe geared for kids a little older than ours.  anna was with derek and did ok.  i had isaac and hazel (she was just along for the ride).  isaac got frustrated often.  as did i.  mostly because i hate conglomerations of the general public and i was toting hazel around the whole time.  anyhow, it wasn’t so bad in the end and i’m sure we will go back now that we’ve dropped the big money on the wands and such.IMG_0995

the lighting was terrible and there were people swarming everywhere so it was hard to get a good picture.  IMG_0733_2

this is how i felt about it all.  grumpy selfie.IMG_0734_2

anna chugged along, with the goal of doing this unicorn thing.  and she made it at the very end.  (isaac, on the other hand, collapsed into a ball of tears after a super bratty kid cut in front of us at one of the little portals).IMG_0736_2

after our magiquest adventure, we hit up ben and jerry’s for some delicious icecream.  IMG_0747_2

derek’s birthday was monday, but we didn’t do anything to celebrate, so for dinner, we picked up some grocery store deli foods for the kids and scored some thai food for ourselves.  IMG_0752_2

after i stuffed myself with thai, the girls took a bubble bath.  hazel said “bubbles” on repeat about 200 times.  this was the only sort of appropriate pic i managed.  IMG_0754_2

so that’s a wrap on monday and tuesday…  

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myrtle beach-ish, 2015 (part 1).

last week was our annual family trip to north myrtle beach. we left saturday mid-morning and began the four hour road trip to our salty and sandy destination. while i have been doing a lot of traveling this year, derek has not. this was his first real vacation. and it was nice to have a vacation with a husband/dad in attendance.

here’s my account of the travels and the first whole day.

hazel snoozed away on the ride. mouth breather.

we stopped at a gas station in biscoe and derek hooked me up with a surprise slush puppie. hooray.

we arrived around five pm. settled in. went out for some dinner. grocery shopped. and did a little late night swimming. and called it a night to get ready for a big long day at the beach in the morning.

the first day (sunday) was beautiful.  and all week, low tide was during the time that we were out (mid morning and early afternoon) and these wonderful little tidal pools were formed.  especially wonderful for those of us that don’t like the giant ocean sneaking up and knocking us down (hazel).  the anna baby was a fan, too.  IMG_0572_2

ike, hard at work bringing sand castle materials.  he spent most of his time in the ocean, jumping waves and floating on the swells just past the crashing waves.IMG_0573_2

the first sandcastle.  home to several princesses and my little ponies.IMG_0578_2

all of my people, in action.IMG_0582_2

burying crazel.IMG_0584_2

burying the annababy.IMG_0588_2

sand face crazel.IMG_0593_2

hazel was more of a demolisher than a builder.  thankfully, the other two kids are old enough to roll with it.  IMG_0599_2

our daily routine was usually, breakfast, beach, lunch, then big kids at pool while hazel napped.  so, here we are at the pool. IMG_0604_2


the other goof.IMG_0613_2

the boy. IMG_0615_2

we found out that there was a special at medieval times, where on the weekends, each adult ticket got a free kid’s ticket.  coupled with hazel being free if she sat on a lap, we decided to give it a go.  so, we got all cleaned up and ready to go.  but first.  a pic of my people.IMG_0619_2

medieval times entrance.  me and the lid kids.IMG_0651_2

the lighting wasn’t fantastic and we had our hands full (the crazel on my lap, the eating food with bare hands, the stupid flags that kept being dropped, etc).  this dude was the like the em cee.IMG_0652_2

hazel enjoyed it, even if she had no idea what was going down.  she just said “horse!” repeatedly.  IMG_0635_2

anna sort of understood and paid attention, but i was a little sad, when about an hour in, she asked me when it was going to start.  IMG_0639_2

isaac played along, but when the jousting and duels and sword fighting began, his attention was fixed.IMG_0991_2

we gave each kid $15 to spend at medieval times, but derek also brought a few toys along that they could purchase with their money.  both kids opted for a daddy store toy.  isaac got some more minecraft figurines.  anna went for this lego bird set.  it’s for ages 12 and up.  she needed help a couple of times, but mostly rocked it out herself.  she was so proud.  IMG_0992


and that brings our first day to a close.  i’ll be back with more soon!


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rainbow cascading wonky star quilt.

a super quick post about a recent quilting finish.

awhile back, my friend danii asked (begged) for a quilt. i finally gave in and after some discussion settled on sticking with my guns and going for a rainbow wonky star cascade on a gray background.

i started this sucker a way way way long time ago. like in january or february maybe? it was on my wall for months. there’s not much quilty time for me lately. anyhow. i went to a sew in with some friends and managed to get it basted, and i had high hopes that i would maybe venture out of my comfort zone for the quilting. in the end, since it’s for a non-quilty friend, and i just wanted it finished, i just went with the old standby, free motion meander. boring. but fast.

i backed it in some metallic silver polkadots on white and a gray and white lattice print from hobby lobby.
and bound it with cotton and steel dottie print. my fave for binding these days.

i was in a super rush to get this to danii, and i did a terrible job taking pics.

and that’s that. i think it’s my third quilt of 2015. the first two being baby quilts. ugh.

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spontaneous mountain getaway.

so. derek’s parents and sister’s family and sister’s husband’s parents were in the mountains. i was hoping to maybe take the three lid kids up for a day trip, but when we mentioned it, derek’s dad swooped into action and found us a super cheap place to stay for a few days. (and he footed the bill!). so, off we went!

first things first, some fishing. (in the new overalls from gramma’s outlet shopping).

for dinner, on the first night, we went to pappy’s… er… the pedalin’ pig.

so good.

the next day, derek had to work some, so i loaded up the kids and derek’s mom and dad, and off we went to the mast general store. so much candy.

hazel LOVES candy. she had her basket filled in no time.

after looking around a bit, we picked up some pops and went out back to the mountain stream for some sugar consumption.

it was a very nice day, so a quick dip in the stream was in order.

or a full on swim.

classy hazel.

background: we recently decided it was time to introduce isaac to star wars. well, all three kids are big fans. we brought some dvds with us and the adventure continued in our mountain evenings.

the next day, derek took some time off and we went to tweetsie railroad. we headed straight for the chairlift to the top of the mountain. (mostly because we came in behind a couple of busses and they were all at the bottom, waiting on the train).

i managed to capture this pic of the boy and the dad riding up the chairlift. (i just held the camera behind me and snapped away, while holding onto the girls, hoping for just one good shot).

once we were at the top, we went straight for the mouse mine ride, a tiny little train the rolls around the top of the mountain and then into a terrifying neon animatronic filled mine.

the rides at the top are geared more for little folks, so isaac and derek wandered off, while the girls rode this.

then we wandered into a weird little performance and anna insisted we stick around until the end for photos.

anna was the only brave big kid to ride this.

after a bit of riding, we made our way into the petting zoo. there are always baby goats running rampant, so that’s super fun times.

hazel was mostly terrified, after a baby goat jumped on her and knocked her down, but then recovered quickly.

some llamas i think. :)IMG_0366IMG_0368

a shot with dad in front of old tweetsie.  somehow i managed zero pictures of the actual train ride.IMG_0385

the ferris wheel view.  it was a bust.  anna and hazel rode with me and hazel hated it.  she said “owwww” everytime we came over the top and we got that terrible feeling in our stomachs from dropping too quickly.  IMG_0393

race cars.


tweetsie jail birds.

we made our way back to the condo for a nice long hazel nap and some chill out time before reassembling for a cookout with all of the whole entire family at the pavilion.

all of the cousins.

watermelon “first dessert”. (we had ice cream later for all of the august birthdays).

knocked out kiddos.

we had to checkout the next morning, but we extended the vacation a bit, by hitting the outlets and having lunch with derek’s parents, before getting back on the road for home. and our little spontaneous mountain adventure was in the books.

the end.

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july twenty fifteen.

we were gone for a lot of july, so there’s not a lot to post about.
but, i will manage. :)

during our week at home between the beach and new york, derek was training for a new job at wells fargo. he settled in while we were in new york, so when we came home, he was ready for us to meet him for lunch. we gladly obliged and met him at bib’s for some delicious barbecue.

derek took anna fishing and she made her first catch.

the sisters with matchy pig tails.

hazel is a goon.

park play date with sam and his mom and bro.

hazel is crazy.

bead mania.

watermelons at grammas.IMG_0181

we went to the $3.50 summer movie with the hungerfords and saw rio 2.  hazel was a champ and made it through the whole movie.  we saw this display on the way out, and obviously stopped for a photo.IMG_0194

all the minions with minions.IMG_0204

on another playdate with the peters girls, some makeup happened.  IMG_0219

so. one day.  i was out in the garden, weeding.  and anna was “helping”.  but she got bored. she asked me for the next worm i dug up and put it in a cup with some dirt.  then, disappeared.  when i came in the house, this was the scene.  somehow the dirt was all across the floor on on the island.  and she was holding half of the worm in each hand.  i’m thinking she was gonna wrap it up in the papertowel?  i never did find out what exactly happened.IMG_0220

this face.  i can’t stand it.IMG_0245

and that’s mostly it.
we had a mountain vacation squeezed in, but i need to sort through the pics. hopefully i can get that up tonight before we head out tomorrow for the beach. :)

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homeland pilgrimage. part 5. (the last one!!)

welcome to my final post about our trip to ny!

i think at this point it’s thursday on our second week.
jake had the day off (a rarity). and i’m pretty sure it was rainy and gross.
so we had a lazy day. and i made jake pick us up some subs. from southside.
i don’t know why i forgot to take a picture of the actual sub.

that’s the only pic from thursday. i have no idea what else happened.

my mom was off again on friday.
we went kayaking for a bit.


the varlands came back again for some more beach time.

my mom was volunteering, so the kids and i went to have dinner at the varlands. we ordered this super delicious pizza from big pauly’s. and had margaritas, thanks to julie’s awesome husband. :)

some dessert and a swing.

the party quickly turned crazy, as any party with 7 children under age 9 is wont to do. so we headed home.


my mom and i took anna to tie dye at the beach. (they actually came out awesome, but i screwed up the after care and we “accidentally” left them at my moms).

afternoon slushpuppies.

then some boating.



sunday was the grand finale.
frankie came out and we picked up grampa from the va and took him to the pok-a-dot for lunch.

my last beef on weck for now. :)

back at my mom’s, we went to the beach again. hazel was trying to run with the big kids, but this happened.

we also decided one last trip to visit jake at olivers was in order.

he took good care of us, my little ice cream scooper baby bro.

and then it was all over.
we woke up early monday morning and hit the road back to nc. the kids were fantastic. we ended up only stopping twice and there was no traffic and we rolled in at just under 11 hours. and our first interstate trip was in the books. :)

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homeland pilgrimage. part 4.

monday of week 2.
a lazy day.
we went to the beach to swim a bit.

and ike practiced all of his diving board tricks.


i don’t know what else we did.
but, this is the last pic of the day.
napping hazel.

on tuesday, we were back at the beach, but this time with friends.
the varlands joined us. as well as my long lost friend anna and three of her kiddos, but i didn’t get any pictures of them, because it was crazytown. but i managed a few of the varland kids and my kids.

hazel and abby.

isaac and isaac.

anna, anna, abby, hazel and my isaac.

and. the same as above plus one more (uncooperative) isaac. :)

on wednesday, my mom was off and we went on an adventure to east aurora.
our first stop was the explore n more children’s museum. it was very small, but super cute.

they were having a special “tinkering” workshop for the kiddos. they pretty much had all manner of recycled boxes and bottles, glue, tape, screws, styrofoam scraps, old cds and general random items for creating whatever your little heart desired.

i’m not sure what either kid made. but they had fun.

anna learned to drill a hole and put a screw in it.

then back to the regular part of the museum. some rock climbing.

art in the van gogh room. side note: i want a wall mural of a van gogh at my house.

another side note: this museum seemed perfect for anna. a little young for isaac. and a little old for hazel. not that they didn’t have fun. it just seemed geared for theannababy most. evidence:

puppet show fun.

family shot.

so. after the museum, we were starving, so we went to a little burger/diner type place. i don’t remember the name. but it was cute.

i obviously got a beef on weck.

then we walked over to vidlers five and dime. always a favorite.

so much fun stuff.

we capped off our visit with a stop at the caboose, a super cute ice cream shop that operates out of an old train caboose. there’s also a little model train the circles around the top, which captured the attention of hazel and she was mesmerized.

i didn’t get any great shots of the caboose, but here’s anna, checking out the menu. and you can kind of see the train track at the top.

we made the country drive back to blah-tavia, where we hired my mom’s friend’s daughter to hang with hazel, while we took the older kids to see “inside out” at the batavia mall movie theatre. and then, our day of fun and adventure was over.

the end.

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homeland pilgrimage. part 3. the july fourth edition.

we had a lazy day with eliot and my mom off on friday. i think. because there’s no pictures except for a handful from the beach.

like this.

and this.

and some kayaking.

and that’s pretty much it for friday.

saturday was the fourth of july.
again, i have no pictures to help me piece together what we did that morning, but around one we went to centennial park to meet up with my uncle frankie and mary casey and kids for the picnic in the park. there’s live music and some food and bouncy houses and a petting zoo and etcetera.

we stopped to watch an a capella group for a bit and isaac was grumpy and bored so he gave hazel shoulder rides.

we made it through one song before everyone was whining to go to the bounce obstacle course. so, i lost the vote, and up the hill (on sprained ankle) we went.

after a bit, we located mary and her daughters and set up camp at the main stage. my grampa schiavone’s sister, my aunt ann, came strolling by at that moment and sat next to us so i was able to catch up with her some, so that was fun. i also ran into several old friends and/or their parents, which is always nice. finally frankie showed up and snatched up a very cautious hazel.

i made the mistake of getting an italian sausage, because it was charred and dry, but it’s an old batavia picnic standby, so i suffered through.

we strolled around some. we got some balloon “animals”. (it was a volunteer tent and they mainly made swords). then some regular balloons. and then we stood in line for like 45 minutes for anna to get her face painted. there was ONE person. and she was amazing, so i can’t complain, but they could have done with a couple of less qualified personnel and cranked those suckers out. while we waited, the other kids frolicked about. mary and frankles caught up. we took turns standing in line with anna.

and then FINALLY, it was anna’s turn.
and what did she choose? one of those rainbowy, butterfly-y delicate designs? no. spiderman.

the facepainter had a tip jar, and i’m pretty sure not one of the 45 minutes worth of people ahead of us left a tip, so we rewarded her handsomely. and this was the end result. a very creepy anna-spiderman.

we figured it was time to get back to the lake to see what was going on around there (answer: nothing). so we took a parting group pic and were on our way. (please note: anna’s “sword”).

anna was soooooo excited to get home and show eliot her face paint. (and hang upside down under the top bunk, just like spiderman).

she even wore the paint to the beach to swim for a bit.

after dinner, we walked back over to the beach to watch the fireworks. i love this picture of the girls and hazel spotting an early fire work soaring by.

all of the cousins, awaiting the show.

anna took a zillion blurry pictures of the fireworks for me. somehow, most of them got deleted. 😉 but, here’s just one.

on sunday morning, i picked up donuts for the kiddos. tim horton’s, obviously.

a nutritious breakfast.

and then grampa terry took everyone out on the party boat. (he had just gotten the motor fixed the day before).

for lunch, we hit up the pok-a-dot, and met up with the browns again. i didn’t think to take a picture of our giant posse and all of our pok-a-dot fare, but i didn’t forget to take a picture of my beef on weck and gravy fries. :)

we came back to the lake to swim and hang out on the beach. isaac and justin had a diving board competition. (i’m not allowed to post justin’s pics).

the kiddos had a TON of fun together and i did actually remember to take a group shot of these kiddos before they left.

and that was the end of sunday. one more week to go…. :)

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