kristin boone is the bomb.

my pal kristin boone, who is the best photographer around, took some pics of my kids a few weeks ago.
and like always. they are AMAZING.
i like to think my cute kids have something to do with this. but, seriously though. kristin gets the best out of them. and they are always way more awesomer than i expect.

i’ve uploaded them all to flickr. if you want to see them all. but here are some highlights.














sorry for so many. it was hard to narrow down. they are all so good.
thank you kristin boone!!!!!

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a chicken tale.

so. when i was writing my post for march, i intentionally left out all of our baby chick pics, deciding that a dedicated baby chicken post was in order. at the time, it was going to be a delightful tale, with future volumes. such is not the case.

i’ll start from the beginning. we are down to six grown chickens. and we don’t really like the ones that are left. they aren’t super friendly. two are downright mean. so, we thought maybe it was time for a new crew. so we went to tractor supply and picked out 15 new chicks. (hopeful for about half to be girls).

the kids were so super excited.

obviously, anna was the biggest fan.


isaac was more interested than i thought he would be. we went down to visit them several times a day.


they are so freaking cute when they are chicks.

future international chicken superhero.

hazel tried to maim them upon meeting them. then she freaked out when we all screamed “no no no!” as she pulled a wing as hard as possible. and then she was scared of them. but she slowly came back around.

seriously. it was heaven for anna.

they grew big fast. and it got warm, so we were able to take them out some.

happy chicken anna.

holding future tina fey jr??

equal opportunity chicken love.

they got big enough to fight off the chicken maimer.

we took them out more and more.

we were hoping for lots of hens. and lots of friendly chickens. the more handling, the better.

portrait of a teenage chicken.

eventually, they outgrew their box in the garage. but, we couldn’t put them in with the grown chickens yet, because they’d kill them. jerks. so, derek built a little fenced in area for them under the deck. and there they lived. it was so nice to not have to feed and water them 8 times a day. and we figured in a month or so they’d be big enough to move in with the grownups.

and then.
tragedy struck.

see this face:

it’s the face of a cold blooded chicken killer.
her rap sheet is as follows:
she killed 3 of our original flock when they were just 5 weeks old. that’s when we knew we needed to keep her away. she seemed to do ok with the grown group if they kept together, but she would go after a lone straggler or a squawker. she killed tina fey, our favorite and then chicken sarah powers. she also got a couple of babies awhile back when we hatched some eggs.

anyhooo. we were actually down to only 13 chicks because two died in the first week. and i had let lucy out into the yard and it was rainy, so i figured i’d let her get her money’s worth, because once i dried her off, i wasn’t going to let her out again for awhile. after a bit, she came in. i dried her off. noticed she was particularly muddy. put her in basement. and walked out to see if she’d been digging in yard…

and this was the gruesome scene awaiting me.

she had dug under the fence and pulled some of it away and gotten in with them. the best i can figure is they all ran out and she systematically picked them off, one by one. they were all ripped to shreds and had guts everywhere. so horrible. glad the kids didn’t see it. she mauled them 12 out of 13.

i heard the thirteenth chirping loudly from under the deck. i took it in the garage to the box (which is plenty of space for one chicken). and here it is. it’s a barred rock, just like tina fey. and hopefully it’s a girl. we’ve had plenty of name suggestions. harry potter, the one who lived. catniss everdeen, sole survivor of the hunger games. gloria gaynor, of “i will survive” fame.

we are spoiling (hopefully)her. she will be our new fave.

so, no future volumes about these babies. sad.
except for our sole survivor. stay tuned.

and a final note.
my oh-so-hilarious friend jude dropped this little gift by yesterday afternoon:

because, i obviously currently do NOT love my dog.
she’s been in solitary confinement for the last couple of day for her own safety.

anyhow. rip little baby chicks.

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sunshiny florida trip. part 2.

on our third day in florida, we laid pretty low.
we skipped the beach and instead headed to the pool.
i took exactly zero pictures at the pool.
because of having to hold so many non-swimmers and such.
then, hazel caught up on some MUCH needed sleep and we just lounged around the trailer park. er. the manufactured home retirement community.

my dad tried to catch lizards for anna and helped her learn to ride the giant tricycles.

hazel met my cousin shaunna’s baby, trent, who is about the same age.

the kids got sweaty and grubby and sticky thanks to delicious watermelonzzz.


day 4. this is what i awaken to. a hard sleeping anna.

day 4 also happened to be the day of my gram’s memorial service. so, we spent the morning getting ready. bathing the grubby kiddos. trying to convince hazel to nap. (to no avail).

and sarah did anna’s hair up super cute to match her own.

then we rolled over to the atrium of the park and awaited the festivities.
it was really quite nice. my grampa had a catholic mass and the kids were super miserable and it was foreign and uncomfortable. this was very informal and more a celebration of my grams. a microphone was passed around the room and everyone said a little bit about their memories of her. i took some pics of her younger years that were displayed about the room.



and then. the food. sooooo good. it was catered by an italian place in st. pete and was awesome. the cookie tray:

and my giant pile of delicious italian fare. meatballs. baked ziti. salad. tortellini salad. cannoli. cuccidati. and varying sliced meats. it was ridiculous really.

i didn’t take nearly enough pictures of family. i’m the worst. so i’ve been hijacking pics from my cousins. like this selfie of me and karis and shaunna.

later, at the “after party”, there were several attempts to rustle up various groups of people to get some family shots, but it didn’t work out super swell. this is my gramma’s five kids, with my gramma’s sister, aunt florence and her daughter arlene.

i hijacked the next three pics from arlene, who took a TON.

this was the best pic we got of as many grandkids and great grandkids as we could rustle up at one point.  and my aunt michelle.  and aunt florence.  anna had just gotten unfairly reprimanded (yelled at), so she wasn’t feeling it.
florida kids big

all of the great grandkids we could manage. (anna refused).
florida kids

and then a weird assortment. my aunt michelle. my cousin nick’s two kiddos. and anna.
florida kids and michelle

another view of the giant group of folks. because you can fully see anna’s distress. :)

just me and my girls and my dad. old grampa joe. (anna would repeatedly tell me, “he’s NOT old! he’s still a KID!” which is so very true).

me and the girlies.

my aunt sharon’s husband offered to take the kids on a golf cart ride. they piled in tight. when they rolled out, a quiet peacefulness fell upon the rest of us.

after awhile, we busted out the delicious italian cuisine for another round. i could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. for realz.

after a little while, we all wound down and off to bed. i was supposed to leave the next day, but decided we needed one more beach day. :) i convinced shaunna to go with us, and other cousins, siblings cliff and nicole joined the fun. and off we went again, to fort de soto.

my little shell searcher got straight to work.

and hazel took off exploring.

half selfie with this hazel face.

beach bum.

the trees are so close to the water, so we set up shop in the shade. we brought subs and various snacks and enjoyed a sandy, gritty lunch with this view.

back to work.

for our first two days of beach trips, we were without beach toys. so lame. (one day, we had three plastic cups and four popsicle sticks leftover from the ride and those worked wonders, so it wasn’t that bad, right?). anyhow, for this trip, shaunna, a local, brought tons of beach toys. way more fun.


my girls. and shaunna’s kiddo, trent.

nicole took this pic of all of us in the super awesome gulf coast waters. (shaunna and trent. me and girls. and cliff and his baby, juliette.)

then, the fun beach time came to a close and we headed back. my dad took us out to dinner and then we had to pack and prepare for the long trip home. we had to clean up the trailer. get the car loaded. unload some groceries to my dad. blah blah blah.

i had planned on leaving when the girls woke up between 7 and 8. but my dad pretty much sad that tampa rush hour (monday) traffic is horrible and i should leave before 6 or after 9. the thought of getting home at 9 pm was misery, so i figured i would wake the girls and throw them in at leave at 6. fortunately, hazel’s little head popped up over the side of the pack n play at 530, and anna stirred awake and we got on with it without much drama.


just as we got through tampa, i realized: we didn’t have the ipad. or one of hazel’s bunnies. and i had a bag of nasty trash in my car that i had forgotten to drop in the dumpster before we left the park. fantastic. the ipad has been recovered and shipped. the bunny is lost forever? and the trash came all the way to nc with us. mmmmm.

the kids were TROOPERS on the ride home. we stopped just outside of tampa to get coffee and a diaper change. and then in savannah. for a little running about and chicken at chick fil a. :)

we drove the last FIVE hours, nonstop. we made it home in 11.5 hours and our florida trip was in the books.

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sunshiny florida trip. part 1.

ok. i’m skipping around.
we actually just got back from this trip, so this isn’t belated. well, technically it is. but, by my dismal standards, it’s super early.

some background.
in october, my gramma died. (that post is here.)
anyhoo. like with my gramps, a memorial service was planned for a later date, so that as much family, scattered across the globe, could be in attendance. that date was april 11. first, i was gonna go it alone. then, i decided to bring kids. then, we entertained doing disney and hogwarts with kids afterwards. then, we definitely decided that was a no-go. then, i was only going to bring anna. then, we figured it would be easier for childcare and for derek to work if i brought hazel too. plus, my fam has never met hazel. isaac didn’t particularly want to go, and he would miss a lot of school, so he stayed behind and had some quality time with dad.
sooo… on tuesday, hazel and anna and i departed for sunshiny florida.

so. this is the path. gps said it was about 10 hours and 15 minutes. we opted for a full twelve hour plan.

road trip break. burger king. a “luxury” reserved only for road trips.

we rolled in around 7:30. it was a rough night with the crazel. but, after some coffee, all was good. we met up with family and anna and my cousin karis’s daughter, sarah, hit it off immediately.

i had warned anna that we might not go to the beach on the very first day, but karis was getting ready to take her kids, so we had a quick wardrobe change, and we were off to st. pete beach. no time to waste! anna got busy collecting shells.

we had so much fun. the water was crystal clear. the sand was soft and white. and i’m spoiled for beaches for life.

karis’s kids loved my kids and vice versa. they were so sweet and good to them and i’m so thankful they were there.

hazel wasn’t super sure about the water, so we had to regroup.

anna and sarah. heart.

karis’s oldest daughter, emma, is a super teenager-y teen. drama and obnoxiousness. but, she was so great and helpful with my kiddos.

more sarah and anna.

hazel slowly warmed up to beach life.

the crazel.

my sweet annababy.

for day two, we met up with my stepdad’s parents who also live in tampa. hazel cozied right up to terry’s dad.

then. well. you know. we headed back to the beach. this time it was fort de soto. and we car pooled. all the hammerhead cousins in one loaded up minivan.

i forced the cousins to take a group shot.

anna. ready to go. this kid loves the beach.

a leisurely stroll. fort de soto was even more beautiful. and there’s no condos and restaurants and the like. just trees and beaches and ocean.

hazel, the eye rubber, spent a good portion of the day smearing sand on her face.

sarah and her minions.

my pretty beach bum on the beautiful beach.

and the crazel. in the sand. only in the sand. no water for her, thank you very much.

a mound of sand and sarah and hazel.

anna collects all the shells. shards of shells. shells that might be rocks. shells with living creatures in them.

on the way home, we stopped for ice cream. which melted quite quickly in the hot florida sun.

i obviously got blue ice cream for hazel, because this:

my aunt sharon cooked a gourmet meal of italian sausage and baked ziti and brought it over to us. so good. and day two was in the books.

and i’m going to bed.
stay tuned for the riveting account of the rest of our trip. :)

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belated (mostly instagrams) march post.

beware: this post contains 45 pictures from the lid kid month of march.

we kicked off march with derek and isaac heading out of town to a wedding, so i just had the girls. which meant anna watched a lot of frozen and slept in the bed with me and dressed like a princess and so on.

then, i got isaac’s progress report. not sure, but i think they might have him mixed up with a different kid.

then there’s this crazy kid who CANNOT let anyone eat in peace.

we found out early in the month that isaac tested into the “highly academically gifted” program at school. it’s for the 98th and 99th-ish percentile nerdy kids. his buddy josiah is in it and loves it. (he’s a grade ahead and testing it out for us). basically, it’s an all inclusive program that pushes and challenges and is designed for folks like ike. he will go to a different school next year. the program is only in two schools, but thankfully, one is very close to us, and he might even be able to ride the bus. we toured the school, twice, once with isaac and once with anna, who will also go there, and we absolutely LOVE it. so excited…

and anna. anna went to a super awesome princess birthday party for a girl in her class. she had a BLAST.

they wore tiaras and glitter makeup and made wands and wore pounds of plastic jewelry.

and then she got sick. poor sickie.

finally, in march, (remember, this is belated), the weather got nice. so we dragged the high chair outside and had lunch in the sunshine. hazel was happy. obviously.

anna got back to work catching and holding chickens. this is the first of many anna holding chickens pics. (her name is godzilla).

we even dusted of the bikes (and scooters) and went for a neighborhood cruise.

and… instead of taking the car to the bus stop, we are back to taking the wagon.

i finished my crochet class, FINALLY, and began my first granny square project. i’m going with the sunburst pattern.

while cleaning anna’s room, i found this drawing of unikitty(?).

hazel LOVES to swing. at the park. in the yard. it’s all she wants to do. i can’t blame her.

some pasta fun.

sooo, back when we first went ice skating, in december, with new gramma, derek bought a groupon for us. when we realized it had blackout dates and we couldn’t actually use it, we just figured we would go again soon anyways, since anna had so much fun. well, “soon” dragged out a bit and before we knew it, the last weekend to use it was upon us. so, anna and i loaded up and headed off to the annex for some springtime skating. but first, we stopped for wendy’s, obviously.

my little skater head.

upon arrival, we ran into natalie. anna’s BFF. she’s a friend’s teen daughter who anna absolutely LOVES. her family was using up their groupon too. well, once anna saw nat, i was pretty much dead to her and all she wanted to do was skate with natalie and her friends. they were so good to her, i can’t complain.

hazel’s hair. it’s as wild as the girl herself.

anna and a chicken, photo #2. (super girl).

more of hazel, harassing eating siblings.

anna drew up the world’s longest (and smallest?) hopscotch. the transcontinental hopscotch.

anna and a chicken #3. (godzilla).

anna and a chicken #4. (nameless chicken that we hatched that is not very friendly so we haven’t bothered to get to know it.)

i took hazel on a fabric shopping trip. anna was with me too, which is why there’s a frozen fabric in my stack. #everythingfrozen

boy scouts. ahhh. we almost made it through the year. isaac has a love/hate relationship with it. he seems to enjoy it mostly once we are there, but getting there is usually a tense situation. anyhooo. the boys received their wolf badges and got their faces painted.

my wolf scout.

another fab weekend of weather rolled in and anna decided she was ready to ride a bike without training wheels. only she wasn’t quite ready. but she tried a few times.

isaac, who has always refused to take the training wheels off, perhaps realized that his sister might beat him to the world of two wheeled bike riding, and immediately demanded his come off too. i braced for frustration, but was pleasantly surprised when he just took off riding. i think he’s been practicing in secret or something. anyhow, he’s been a bike riding maniac ever since. now he just needs a proper sized bike.

the crazel.

chicken nuggets rule!

so do strawberries.

seriously. this is my life.

more (blissful) swinging.

derek and i have been trying to get this house updated and organized and freshly painted and decluttered and so on. we took the horrific wallpaper down from all the bathrooms. well, derek mostly. and painted them all. again, derek. then, we headed off to ikea for hooks and racks and medicine cabinets and various storage items. (with NO KIDS!)

so, of course we had lunch there. yay meatballs.

yogurt faces.

more spring swinging. anna with a chicken. isaac with his bike helmet so he could quickly get back to biking. and hazel, just happy to swing her little life away.

the boy, being sweet, and reading charlotte’s web to anna before bed.

another spring day. another park.

this one has a fort in the woods!

i’m almost done…

so, remember my pal kristin boone? the one that takes all the AMAZING pics of my kiddos? well, she took some pics of my kids with her brand new fancy camera. i have them back and i’ll write a post about that soon(maybe). but for now, here’s the outtakes of the shoot. pics i took while she was working her magic. hazel…

here she is. an action shot.

and anna, strolling amongst the flowers.

isaac was there too, but when he wasn’t being grumpy about having his picture taken, he was dashing off and about all over the fields. i bribed them with ice cream, so when we were done, it was off to get ice cream for us…

and then. march ended.

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belated easter post.

i’m about to play another round of bloggy catch up.

first up.

the eggs dying.
and the egg hunt.

the egg dying went as you might suspect. same as every family. for the last 100 years, i suppose.

we used two dye kits this year. one standard (except for being neon colors) and one with a shallow tray, so you can color just small parts of your egg.

anna is very focused.

not super impressed with the “neon” colors.

the obligatory instagram pic.

my contribution. :)

the finished product.

on the saturday before easter, we had our candy egg hunt. hazel was allowed to participate in this holiday tradition (unlike the egg dying). here’s the posse, ready to begin.

hazel found exactly ONE egg. she spent the rest of the hunt opening it, dropping out it’s contents, picking them all up, dropping them again, and then resigned to just eating them off the ground. anna, in the background, was determined to keep up with her brother this year.

the boy. his bucket overflowed. he gave some to hazel. and played it cool.

time to enjoy the spoils.

hazel stuffed as much as she could possibly fit into her mouth. she was drooling out all sorts of colors. lovely.

for easter, we hosted a “bring your own meal” easter lunch. derek’s family dropped in after church, each toting various fast food takeout, and the kids spent some time frollicking around in the sunshine and fresh air. and that was our easter.

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february in 35 pictures.

it seems i’m getting worse and worse at consistent blogging, despite my attempts to get better and better at consistent blogging.

it’s been a rather crazy month.

i kicked it off by returning from batavia for my uncle ray’s funeral.
i had a nice day of recovering and settling back in, but awoke in the night, with anna standing next to my bed, vomiting. thankfully, she was the last of the previous bug and not the first of a new one. but she was down for the count…

after we were all on the mend, and life was mostly back to normal, anna’s bff of all time came to visit. it was the greatest day of anna’s life.

isaac has become a harry potter junkie. he speed read through the second book so he could watch the movie. sadly, due to the 78 snow days we had in february, i caved and let them watch the rest of the harry potter movies without him reading the books. he put closed captioning on. that counts right?

all of my peeps on a couch.

isaac’s buddy johnlee had a birthday playdate. adventure landing, mario’s pizza and christina’s dessertery. fun times. here they are, doing a bit of virtual motorcycle racing.

in hazel news, we have successfully brainwashed her into thinking that she loves yo gabba gabba. so, catchy little tunes are once again filling our house.

in other hazel news, she is the cutest baby of all time.

she is also the climbing-est baby of all time. she spends at least one to two hours a day on the kitchen table. usually hijacking the kids food or toys.

in crafty news, after years and years of wanting to learn to crochet, i finally signed up to take a class. then, i missed the first one because i was in new york. then, the second one was canceled. in the third week, i made this. then, it’s been canceled every week since, due to weather. hopefully, we will get the last two classes in soon.

happy hazel.

hazel’s main life goal is to get into everything. here she is, acquiring a box of matches, after realizing she could climb on a speaker and reach candles and other dangerous items. (one day, she pushed a stool to the counter and began throwing eggs onto the floor. she never stops.)

isaac and anna both created their very own harry potter paper cutouts (i’m not allowed to say dolls). they have been playing with them non-stop. at this point, they are now all crumbled and taped up. but, they press on. (also, isaac had to write “dumbledore” on the back of his likeness, so he would be reminded not to call him “vetruvius”).

on the day after valentine’s day (ha!), i picked up some heart donuts for the lid kids. they ate five total. five. crazies.

and then. it snowed.
they predicted a lot.
and school was let out early. about 5 hours before there would be a single snowflake. and then, this blizzard struck:

almost one whole inch. enough to shut down the middle of the state for the rest of the week. four days. no lie. (it was a wee bit icy in some spots).

so, we did some snow day things. like watch movies. and argue and fight. and make cookies…


and cupcakes. :)

back to hazel. yay.

we braved the wintry mix, to meet up with our friends, the deatons and do a little tag team consignment presale shopping. i went first while she watched the SIX kids in the car. then, she went, while i took the second shift in the car. by my turn, they were over being crammed in a metal box with just some goldfish and toy story. but, hazel and sully were super cute and fun in the front seat. (it was the rest of the kids that were a bit on the disastrous side).

before i went to the sale, i went through all of anna’s old clothes to see what i might need for hazel. they are opposite seasons, so there’s a few little gaps here and there. BUT, while doing so, i came across anna’s yo gabba jammies and busted them out for hazel. she was soooooo excited.

after being “snowed in” for 4 straight days, we took the kids to chuck e. cheese. so did the rest of winston-salem.

i was on anna and hazel duty most of the night. i barely saw isaac and derek. and chasing hazel through a crowded chuck e. cheese is stress inducing. i just kept plopping her on rides near whatever anna was doing.

hazel life. always.

she thinks she’s big enough to sit on the bench.

on monday. there was school again. glorious.
on tuesday. there were some surprise snowflakes, so school was canceled again.
and then they were back on wednesday. glorious.

this is hazel at the bus stop. see how happy she is? it’s because both kids had school that day. i’m sure of it.

even though i knew there was more snow coming, i’m a mean mom and i made ike do his homework. he was writing sentences with his spelling words and i let him look them up on the ipad when he doesn’t know them. when he was done, i check his sentences, and this is what he wrote for “modest”. so proud.

and then. overnight. the second blizzard in two weeks struck. to be fair. this one was maybe five inches? it was pretty. and i get why school was canceled this time.

unlike the week before, where the snow was powdery and not kid friendly, this was heavy, wet, good packing snow. the kids headed out first thing.

hazel doesn’t have any snow clothes, so she and lucy were left behind to watch. they were sad.

derek helped them build this massive igloo. isaac had already come in at this point. anna stayed out for hours.

and then. there was no school on thursday or friday.
i do not know why.
i’m pretty sympathetic to the south’s lack of ability to tend to the winter weather conditions. but this year has been a tad overboard for me. mostly because we will be making up the days until july, i think.

anyhoooo. on friday, derek took isaac to richmond for a friend’s wedding and to spend some quality time with isaac (who has had a rough couple of weeks, no doubt do to the lack of structure because of snow day mania). so, it was just me and the girlies. i tried to get them in matchy jammies for a cute “girls night” pic. but hazel was uncooperative. this was the best out of about 30 pics.

yesterday, we went to the birthday party of one of anna’s classmates. joshua. she talks about him all the time and selected this particular dress “because it’s a boy color”. it was a mad science themed party so they got to see some fire and smoke and make some goopy stuff…

despite telling me that she thought she’d be ok being dropped off, she teared up when i started to leave, so hazel and i stuck around for the whole long party. hazel didn’t mind, because she got cheese puffs and pizza and cake. fat and happy.

after the party, my quilty friend jen rolled in with her daughter and she and anna played with some playdoh. it was so fun to not have older bossy brothers around. :)

and that’s that. february. in a nutshell. a really big nutshell.
a little crazy.
on to march…

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updating the kids bathroom.

we bought this house ten years ago.
and it was previously owned by a couple a wee bit older than us.
and there was a lot of very 1990′s-ish wallpaper.
we immediately de-wallpapered the kitchen and painted it royal blue (and you see it in approximately 78% of my photos). we meant to get to the three bathrooms soon, but then there were suddenly three lid kids and now it’s 10 years later and we are finally updating some things around here.

we (derek) actually did our bathroom a couple of months ago, but i haven’t taken any good pics of that yet, so i’ll save that for another post someday.

but, a couple of weeks ago, he dove into updating this atrocity:
(that’s how it looked before we bought the house. during our time here, it’s mostly been the kid’s bath, so it’s been scattered with mismatched towels, old bathtoys, toothpaste remnants, dirty clothes and empty body wash containers. but, the wallpaper still remained.)

derek stripped it all. and prepped everything. i picked out a paint color. i was shooting for “gender neutral” with good “put-your-house-on-the-market-ibility”. aqua. anna helped get the actual painting underway.

this was the extent of her work. she tired quickly.

derek took over and finished the task. i was at a sew in, so he sent me frequent updates.

upon completion derek’s mom took us shopping to pick out some new bathroom decor. anna (mostly, with some “guidance”) chose the chevron and assigned towel colors. and this is it. (with the curtain rod hanging a bit low because i couldn’t put it on paint yet).

and of course, the girls love it. isaac approves, but doesn’t seem to care either way. and i am sooooo happy to be rid of one more horrifically wallpapered room.

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two baby quilts.

i have two quilts to tell you about today…

the first, was for our friends, the browns. i used to babysit their two daughters for a bit before hazel was born. they are also from western new york (and have since returned to buffalo and abandoned me in the south, but i’m not bitter). anyhow. they just had a brand new baby boy. since they are non-gender-finder-outers, i had to whip up something quickly. i decided on blues and greens and white half square triangles…
baby boy hst quilt

i just quilted 1/4″ lines on each side of all the seams. it went quickly.
baby boy hst quilt

this navy blue cotton + steel fabric made a great binding.
baby boy hst quilt

i backed it in some big green polkadot fabric, with a strip of robot fabric.
baby boy hst quilt

i finished it up and shipped it off to the great white north. they were super excited and i stole this pic from their facebook of the two proud older sisters and baby micah with his new quilt.

the second quilt. might be my favorite of all time.
isaac’s teacher is pregnant with her first baby, a girl, due in june. i casually discovered that she’s not super into pink and frilly. and more into gray and yellow, which i was struggling a bit with. so. i did what i do. rainbows and low volumes.

and this pixelated heart quilt was born.

i quilted it with an all over meander (my go-to).
rainbow pixelated heart

heart close up.
rainbow pixelated heart

i backed it in this super cute girlie fabric that i bought a zillion yards of at ben franklin before they closed. of course, i have a knack for making my quilts just a little bigger than the width of fabric, so i always have to piece in a stripe. :)

i bound it in this gray polkadot fabric and i love it. i wish i had hand sewn the binding, but not so much that i would undo anything. :)

i seriously love this quilt so much. i might make one to hang in the girls room. i will make one to hang in the girls room. or maybe our living room. :)

that’s all for now.

making things with my bare hands


all the happenings in january.

guacamole hazel.

cupcake-juicebox hazel.

play-doh anna.

a new giant box came in the mail. anna moved in. isaac sorted markers for her to decorate with.

waffle maker helper hazel.

i’m told this is princess elsa. flat play-doh version.

hazel is terrible at her cheerio book.

anna the painter.

princess elsa and princess anna.

narwhal hazel.

supper life.

double decker couch.

anna with hair braided like princess anna.

banana hazel.

anna and her bff from school, sam. princess and dragon.

frozen lego ice castle.

this crazy. the crazelnut.

pancake breakfast.

isaac got a haircut. he was way overdue. it seems there was a teenager under that mop.

pack-n-play hazel.

more crazel selfies.

sisters. playing house. as sisters are wont to do.

i took theannababy out for a little one-on-one time. she chose mexican. that’s my girl.

my life with hazel the climber.

and that’s a wrap on january.

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