veteran’s day at the zoo

the kids were off school on wednesday for veteran’s day, so we joined up with a few pals and had a zoo day adventure.

isaac was super psyched to hang with his buddy josiah.

anna wasn’t super excited about going to the zoo in the first place, but she came around. seals and sea lions.

arctic fox.

all of the little kiddos.

hazel LOVED the zoo. polar bears.

the bobcat was pacing along the glass and hazel was calling “kitty kitty kitty”.

anna is a bum and started whining about being tired of walking, so sucker tony stepped in to spoil her.

buffalo statue. almost as exciting as the real thing.

zoo selfie with theannababy.

this gorilla was super close to the glass but wasn’t really doing anything too exciting.

baboons. i think? i can’t remember. there were tiny tiny babies that we stopped to squeal at for a bit.


elephant statues.

and zebras.

we had to skip the rest because the tram pulled up and we needed to get out in time for isaac’s piano lesson, which we discovered was canceled, via a voicemail i didn’t receive until i left the giant zoo dead zone. so, we stopped for ice cream. and then headed back home. the end.

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tinsel christmas quilt.

a LONG time ago, i bought a stack of cotton+steel tinsel fabric with great plans for christmas sewing. and then recently, i finished up this sucker:

i was missing a few pieces and so it took me awhile to get started. once i secured all of the missing prints, i delayed on choosing a pattern and a background fabric. finally, i decided on the moda love quilt (big huge blocks) and the navy background to match the one navy print in the collection.

then, i was super grumpy for awhile about how dark the quilt was. so, off to the fabric shop i went, to purchase some border fabrics in the hopes of lightening it up a bit. i think it works.

i also based my backing fabrics based on the selections at my local quilt shop.

since i wasn’t super duper in love with this quilt, i was able to let myself experiment a bit with the quilting. usually i’m terrified to mess up a quilt that i love or that is for someone else. but, i had time and wasn’t worried about ruining it, so i opted for some various techniques. it might be hard to see, but i echoed the star in the navy background. and did some starbursty type free motion quilting in the star parts.


the backing shows the quilting a bit better.

finally, i bound it up in this cotton+steel basic that i searched high and low for. (disregard the random threads please).

and it was done. and i actually kind of like it. :)’
and so does hazel.

the end.

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anna’s kindergarten halloween party.

anna’s class had a fun halloween party last friday. i didn’t take many pics, but there were other mom photographers in the class, so i stole a bunch of pics of theannababy from the class website. and i just made an executive decision not to caption them. so. here you go:








the. end.

(i’m all caught up on blogging!!!! it’s a halloween miracle!!!!! or a november 4th miracle!!! that’s less exciting.)

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busy october. apparently.

excluding pics of our trip to NY, two field trips, anna’s class halloween party and actual halloween, i still managed to find 45 pictures of october happenings. and i totally could have had more. it was a fun month, i guess. of course like seven of them are hazel eating a donut. oops.

here we go…

october kicked off with school picture day. not sure of the quality of pic i would receive for my $72 package options, i tried for at least one good one while the lidkids were all gussied up. and this is what i got:

we finished up the final decorations for the fall festival for school. this shark photo booth was our pièce de résistance.

sadly. we wouldn’t get to go to fall festival. because despite being billed as “rain or shine. no refunds.” — it was apparently only actually “no refunds.” and they postponed (to the weekend we were in NY) due to heavy rains and they kept our $100 for prepaid tickets and wristbands. needless to say, i’m not BFFs with the PTA folk at this time. harrumph. but, i digress.

one cool, crispanna happened upon a little frog and shared the excitement with hazel, who does not love small animals one single bit.

later in the week, specifically on the night of the aforementioned “heavy rains”, we drove out to prissy polly’s in kernersville, to see our friend natalie sing with her little blue grass group. anna was delighted.

the older kids spent one entire weekend making perler bead toys. anna made two princesses and isaac made a complete set of minecraft figurines.

water. isaac supervises, while hazel happily performs the labor.

i had to walk into the school during drop off one day. on my way back past anna’s classroom, i glanced in to see her hard at work and couldn’t help but take a quick pick.

i think between the last pic and this pic, we went to NY and back. and now we are on a wednesday. mid-october. and isaac is at his piano lesson. with the sweetest little old lady you can possibly imagine. he LOVES her. and loves piano. and is apparently taking to it nicely, according to her.

this goon. knows she’s cute. and is a total ham.

i stole the next two pictures from anna’s class website. her teachers post so many pictures and it’s awesome. i think my favorite is that they take selfies with the kids. this one is anna’s teacher and the whole class.

and this is anna and her “boyfriend” at the time. david. so cute. you know. i was informed on this day actually that they had “broken up” even though anna hadn’t actually told him.

at dance class. hazel wants to join in sooooo badly. it’s pretty low key, so every now and then, miss melanie lets her hang with the big girls.

ham. i told you.

so, we went to this fall party in our neighborhood. and anna ate a LOT of junk food. and came home and threw up. so, we let her sleep on the couch with a bowl. it’s our family tradition. vomit = couch.

this is our family.

anna and i got all geared up for a bills game. i don’t know which one. i’m sure they lost. it hasn’t been a great month for them.

while we watched football, isaac went to a birthday party for his old buddy alden. he only knew a few kids, josiah being one of them.

and obviously alden, the birthday boy, being another.

school pics rolled in. all was good. isaac was a little bit weird. but still handsome.

anna looks sweet and innocent. ha.

and this is how hazel eats a peanut butter sandwich. she’s a peanut allergy kid’s worst nightmare.

my mom sent the kids a little surprise gift one day. isaac got a minecraft book that he had been reading from the library while in NY. anna got a frozen playdoh set. and got to work making this sven. which is awesome, if i do say so myself.

the ballerina. SO excited to wear her new costume to class. derek’s sister scored it at megathrift.

isaac was supervising the dance moves like a good big bro.

anna was the only kid at class and had a private lesson.

pumpkin decorating with boy scouts. anna.

and isaac, who glued as many items to his pumpkin as possible.

i received a super sweet surprise in the mail from an old friend. (my college basketball coach’s ex-girlfriend, to be exact). anyhow, she is a snail-mail pro and sent these charlie brown christmas stamps to encourage my snail mailing. i had to hide them from anna, because she doesn’t understand the difference between stamps and stickers.

pumpkin cupcake baking with these hammerheads.

more pumpkin carving.

isaac’s pumpkin. a minecraft creeper.

my pumpkin. jack skellington.

and anna’s. a traditional jack-o-lantern with face tattoos.

i managed to squeeze in some sewing, making this paper pieced pumpkin mini quilt. i even branched out in my quilting…

there was a chili cookoff one night where i ate way too much.

a sweet note from theannababy.

and now. those hazel donut pictures. i really narrowed them down to the best few. or five. but i could have easily posted 15. she was hilarious.





mostly naked kids eating apples.

i’m soooo close.

on friday, i went to the school to take five kids from anna’s class to some sort of raffle reward thing. it was pandemonium and no one knew what they were supposed to be doing. but the kindergartners were slightly terrified of the older kids so they just kept quiet and to themselves. and i took this pic of anna and her new “boyfriend” maddux, who told me that anna LOVES him.

and lastly. a picture from yesterday morning. as we awaited all of the halloween fun. anna drew some monsters and zombies.

and. aside from a halloween party post for anna’s class, i’m totally done with october. :)

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tricks or treats. 2015.

yesterday was halloween. obviously.
and it was a saturday. so we had all day to get worked up about it.

all along, the plan was for isaac to be harry potter. hazel would be olaf. and anna wanted to be a mix of darth vader and a princess. we just weren’t sure if it would be elsa or sleeping beauty. then, as we tried on costumes, there was some waffling.

anna thought maybe it would be fun to have sister dragons.

then, not. hazel kept talking about being foofa (old anna costume) but would switch to brobee, which we don’t have and in the end, i was pretty worried should wouldn’t like anything, because she wasn’t a fan of headwear.

anna decided to be JUST elsa, with no darth. hazel finally obliged and went with olaf as planned. and ike was harry potter.

but, first things first. some friends from school came over for a little pregame living room picnic. the younger kiddo is in isaac’s class this year and i’ve gotten to know the mom thanks to room mom duties/fiasco. they were actually at the old school before this year, and we were acquaintances, but it took the nerd class for us to get to know each other better.

anyhow, after dinner, there was a whirlwind wardrobe change and we were on our way. but first, a photo shoot, of course.

the older daughter of our trick or treat friends took to hazel like a little mom and was very patient in escorting her around, teaching her the ways of asking random strangers for candy. hazel picked up the skills easily and gladly wore her olaf head, once she discovered it’s magical powers to give her candy.

i realized i never got a shot of just my kiddos before we left, so i stopped in this super pristine driveway for a quick pic of potter, olaf and elsa. hazel and that smile.

close up of the boy who lived.

and the (giddy) ice queen.

hazel was a trooper, marching up to each house, but after awhile, she just dug into her candy and let the big kids do their thing.

there were lots of spooky houses, but this one was the scariest. the older kids were a little tentative and anna vetoed it completely.

giant jack-o-lantern decor.


allow me to rant for a second. if you decorate your house with all manner of fall/halloween/pumpkin decor, and the path to your front steps is a steep hill, and you turn all of your lights on, you’d better answer your freaking door and hand out some candy. you’re lucky i didn’t run home for some eggs after watching at least 3 kids fall down your hill on the way back from NOT getting any candy. jerks. ok. end rant.

after about two hours, we finally arrived home, where the unloading and trading and negotiations commenced.

we pretty much let them have a candy feast for a half an hour or so, while we watched the great pumpkin for one final installment. hazel got crazy loopy and ran circles and giggled and twirled and drooled and ate as much candy as possible. anna quietly consumed the most candy, while everyone else traded and talked. and isaac stuffed himself and then this:
(then, he threw up. obviously.)

finally, everyone crashed from the sugar high and we all piled into bed. it’s “fall back” and we were supposed to get an extra hour of sleep. or something like that. tell it to isaac who was talking to me about something at 3:37 in the morning.

ok. that’s it for halloween. 2015. (except for when i post about anna’s party at school.)

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presentations and field trips. (ike).

isaac has had a busy year so far. there are a lot of activities in his little nerd program. last week, he had a “book brag” and a field trip. here are their stories.

firstly, the book brag. each month, the kids do a sort of book report with a twist. the first one was “be a teacher”. the kids picked characters from two books and chose five character traits for each and then graded them on those traits, with examples and references from the book. then, they presented them, as a teacher, to the parents in small groups. while the room moms decorated and planned and such…

the kids rolling in….

isaac (mr. lidbom) presenting.

the cool nametag i made for him.

it was fun. but a little crazy. i was pretty grumpy, because our group took the longest (thanks to an awesome kid with a storyboard and puppets). and isaac went second to last and all the other groups were done and talking loudly, so i couldn’t hear him. also. he mumbles and talks low. so, i’m not sure if he was good or bad. but he looked the part. :)

and then, the next day was a field trip to reynolda gardens in winston-salem. the class split into two and off we went. our guide was pretty cool.

these kiddos kept him on his toes with questions and curiosity.



flower sniffing.

inside the greenhouse was where all the cool stuff was. like this lorax looking flower.

and some cute little cacti.

the kiddos were most impressed with the timed misting spray.

at the end, they got to plant their own little cactus to take home.

view from above.


and a class pic for the road.

and, by noon, we were done.

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anna’s first field trip.

last week. i had the opportunity to go with annababy’s kindergarten to lazy 5 ranch.

the kids rode the bus and the parents met at the ranch. upon arrival, anna determined that she was hungry and was quite grumpy and not interested in walking around and looking at cool animals.

we did manage to trick her into being sort of cute for this picture. she’s actually yelling at me. but whatevs.

finally. lunch. where danii and i obviously took a selfie to send to lorena, who was watching hazel all day for me. :)

lunch friends.

oh. and then anna totally lost it when she had to stand in line and not with me. even though i was standing like 3 feet away. she was consoled by these compassionate friends.

class picture attempt.

then. more sadness when anna had to sit with her class and not stand with me. THREE. FEET. AWAY.

finally, the wagon ride. complete with up close animals.

shot of another wagon, so you can see what our ride looked like.


finally a happy anna.

we had a few minutes after the ride to feed the goats our leftover wagon feed.

and then the kids packed up and headed home. and i grabbed anna and another kiddo whose gramma rode with me and we headed for home. or lorena’s house. to get hazel. and then the school. to get isaac. THEN home.

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class of 1994. 21 years.

the whole reason we went back to wny in the middle of the school year is because of my 21st reunion. we tried to have one last year. but the organizer was all passive aggressive and got mad at everyone and abandoned her planning and the group that took over wasn’t left with enough time to do it justice. turns out, it probably wouldn’t have mattered, because like 12 people showed up. or more like 35-40. it was fun to see the folks who came, but i was disappointed in the number of local people who couldn’t have been bothered to pop in for a few. jerks.

anyhow, i took a few pics.

the first night was a little tailgating get together, followed by wandering over to old van detta stadium for the homecoming football game. i haven’t been there since 1994. it was strange. we took a few selfies.

me and missy k. (although i’m pretty sure she’s married and the “k” is wrong).

me. missy not-k. and megan not-george. :)

after the game (just after halftime, i mean, since it was already like 42-0, batavia) – we went to tf browns. me and my old friend, spitter. or chris, if you’re into actual names. we were the stars of the kindergarten play in 1981 and we were classmates through two years of community college. :)

a fantastic cover band called “savage cabbage” played later in the night. that is their real hair.

my friend jane chang and sara with no h, “hawkeye” hawkins… jane and i were in the “nerd program” together. ACE. every friday, i was bussed over to another school, where we spent the day being smarter than our other classmates. just kidding. we mostly just got to do extra work and then had to make up the work we missed back at the regular school. jane went on to be “most likely to succeed” while i held a solid B average through high school, due to my unwillingness to “apply myself” or “take my education seriously”. sara and i played soccer together and are pretty much just forever linked for having the same name, although all sarah’s know that sara without an h is NOT the same.

the second night of the reunion was at city slickers, which is a bar/restaurant i have never been to. there was a low-ceilinged room downstairs and we just hung out down there. it was mostly the same crew from the night before plus/minus a few peeps. i was pretty tired after my long night out the night before and our day at the pumpkin patch, so i didn’t actually stay long. :/.

the tepedino twins were there!! (they were there the night before too, but i have no pics). we played softball together in high school and community college. this is tracy. the pitcher. we thought we were hilarious, posing with the faux fish tank.

jane. sara. laurie tep. me. michelle zack. tracy tep.

i wish i had taken more pics. but i didn’t. and so this post is mostly over. except for a parting shot of my name badge. heeeeee…

go bhs class of 1994!

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autumn in batavia. part 2.

when we returned from “the most sincere pumpkin patch” — we wandered over to the beach, where the lake folk were having a clam bake.  the kiddos played in the sand, while we ate some sea creatures. IMG_1165

later, there was a bit of excitement, when we managed to capture a frog from the “pond” of stagnant water at my mom’s house.IMG_1176

derek took the kids fishing.  anna’s big catch.IMG_1194

despite her princessy ways, this kid isn’t afraid to wrangle a wiggling slimy animal into submission.IMG_1195

the view from the back deck.  not too shabby.IMG_2187

my mom’s carved an elsa pumpkin for anna.  we took it into the bathroom to get a good look at it’s glowing amazingness.  hazel was obsessed and wouldn’t let us open the bathroom door.  “elsa pumpkin? see it? see that elsa pumpkin?”IMG_2190

on sunday, the plan was to lay low and hang with family.  except none of my family showed up.  because they are all terrible people.  jake played a little pokemon monopoly with ike.  IMG_2191

and we ordered delicious pizza and wings.  delicious, i tell you.IMG_2196

we capped off the night with a trip to olivers to see jake in action.  it was a really nice day, so everyone in batavia seemed to have the same plan.  jake look frazzled.  i had pumpkin cheesecake and caramel apple.  so good.  IMG_2198

happy ice cream eater.IMG_2201

the crazel.IMG_1219_2

and then. it was over.  on monday morning, we loaded back up and headed back to north carolina.  blerg.IMG_2205

but not without a little t-ho’s for a jump start.IMG_2210

and that’s the end.
(except for a post about the actual reunion.)

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the most sincere pumpkin patch.

it’s no secret that i miss western new york autumns.
so, when i learned that my reunion was scheduled for the fall, i was so excited to partake in some our typical fall activities up there.

it was tough to squeeze in, because of weather and reunion stuff, but on saturday, we headed off to a little pumpkin patch in clarence, ny. there’s a super big carnival like fancy pumpkin patch nearby, but we opted for a smaller, more sincere pumpkin patch. our friends, the browns, met us there. and all was right in the world.

first up. the petting zoo area. a lot of the animals were just kind of strolling around the premises. super fun.

all of the kiddos (minus the baby micah) lined up for proper measurement.

hazel. staring down this sad little pony.

anna held a baby bunny and it was the greatest moment of her life. (isaac is too cool for such things.)

hazel gave it a go, but in the end, decided that tiny, moving creatures is not her thing.

giant bunny. or maybe a cat?

then there was a pony ride and it was the new greatest moment in anna’s life. (hazel’s free admission didn’t include a pony ride. and isaac is too cool for such things.)

this sheep was not a big fan of hazel. but she was a big fan of him. her?

the kids played forEVER in the hay maze. at the end was a slide and they dragged hazel through that thing and plopped her up on the slide over and over and over.

the rubber duck races. with nasty water that hazel kept trying to drink. and soak her sleeves in.

unlike the nc pumpkin patches that i have been to, western ny pumpkin patches crank out apple cider donuts, fresh from the deep fryer to your finger tips. they are the most delicious thing ever and i will miss them greatly until my next autumn trip to ny.

these girls are big fans.

we ate the donuts while we waited in line for the hayride to the actual patch of pumpkins. there were millions of bees. farm. sugary donuts. it makes sense. so, naturally, isaac had several panic attacks, where he took off running into the distance, much to the amusement of fellow hayride line waiters.

hayride girl selfie.

hayride boy selfie.

selecting the perfect pumpkin.

or just the biggest one that you can carry.

my best attempt at a three lid kid pumpkin patch shot. hazel wasn’t down.

but, derek did manage this momandkids shot that was great except that hazel is terrible at smiling.

the crazel and her pumpkin. and not making a terrible “smile”.

the older browns and older lidboms with their pumpkin selections…

hazel and the bunny joined in…

negotiating who was going to pull the pumpkins. (in the end, it was derek dragging it through the mud pit that was the parking lot).

pumpkin wagon photo shoot.

the obligatory pic in front of the pumpkin patch sign.

at the very end, we let them play in the “sand” box.

one more quick photo at the “princess carriage”…. no boys allowed.

so, that was our day at the (real) pumpkin patch in western new york.
super fun.

also. this post took me a ridiculous amount of time, because my computer is wacky. and i snagged some pictures from derek’s photostream and couldn’t edit them, so you’ll have to deal with uncropped pics. :)

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