30 days has september. but this post is about the first 24.

35 pictures from the last 24 days…

i’ll start off with a visit to anna’s classroom for “muffins with moms”. she is such a perfect little student. she loves school.

muffins with mom selfie.

just hazel, hamming it up.

football started. to celebrate, hazel and i took a sunday afternoon nap on the couch.

hazelbaby is a spidermonkey.

and a daredevil.

after the first miserable week of pickup line at school, we switched isaac to riding the busy. and we have super fun walking to the bus stop everyday and hanging out waiting for him.

the house on the corner at the stop is unoccupied currently, so we traipse around the yard and collect acorns.

you know. just a day in the life.

we buy a lot of stuff with amazon subscribe and every so often the stars align and we receive a bunch of giant items in an even gianter box. and the kids are so so happy. before they break out in fighting.

ok. so isaac came home from school one day telling me about his girlfriend, ella. she is a super sweet little girl who was in his class last year and we are actually friends with her family. he then begged for some pink paper and a pink marker so he could write her a letter to invite her for a playdate. i asked why he offered for me to fix her dress and he said, “i just HAVE to think of a reason to invite her over.” she’s also quite fond of him, so she wrote him back and now we are organizing the playdate. :)

this pic. anna’s bed head. the crust pile.

more terrific hair. and the introvert playing the iphone in the quiet safety of the bathroom.

anna art. this is me and a rainbow and a tree and a sun. and my “pet ghost”.

we celebrated our friend shira’s 4th birthday.

halloween sneak peek. monkey suit for the monkey.

derek found a local spot that has this delicious treat.

it’s holiday creamer time!

anna and isaac drew faces on their balloons. (and then referred to them as balloony). anyhoooo. when they deflated, anna’s was quite creepy.

isaac made a form for anna to fill out. :)

this kid is on a mission to destroy.

on a recent park trip, we found a zillion big fuzzy black caterpillars. anna is not afraid. we brought two home and put in a jar. where they died a slow miserable death and did not become beautiful butterflies.


my friend jen has a little boy named sam. and anna and sam are in the same preschool class. which gives us the perfect opportunity to have lunch dates and pretend that they are play dates for the kids. here’s anna and sam having their first of many chick fil a play dates.

anna’s school pic. so sweet and innocent. imposter.

i left anna all alone. coloring quietly and nicely. and came in to find this scene.

ahhhhhh. girls night out. at the porch. with some tostadas teddy and foothills hoppyum. mmmm.


went thrifting. found some fantastic things. orange cords for anna. tiny keens for hazel. some sweet saucony sneaks for anna in a few sizes.

um. and this super cool thermos.

isaac’s halloween sneak peek. red power ranger.

so. hazel got a mosquito bite under her eye. the next morning, she looked like this when she woke up.

and it got worse and worse. we closely monitored and a day later she was back to normal. but the whole thing made for some good pics.

busted out the autumn mug rugs.

and picked up my first honeycrisp apples of the season. mmmmm…

that’s all for now.
thanks for sticking it out.

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two sad quilts.

a bit of background.
i have some friends. who had two kiddos. the oldest, a girl named corban, was born with some sort of super rare chromosome abnormality (i’m not exactly sure it even has a name). when she was born, they weren’t sure she would make it through the night. she was in the hospital for 99 days before coming home. and then, once she was home, she was in and out of the hospital her entire life. she never talked or walked or ate on her own. she was deaf and (i think) blind. about a year ago, at age 14, she passed away.

shortly after that, joy (mom) asked me if i knew anyone who would make a quilt out of her old clothes. i quickly volunteered, even though i had no idea what making a quilt out of various clothing materials would entail.

anyhow. here it is. almost a year later. and about 7 months after she asked me to make the quilt, and i’m done. and it turned out to be two quilts. one for their son. and one for joy and chris.

this is the son’s quilt.

closer upper shot.

and the parents’ quilt.

and a closer up pic.

all folded up.

and the bindings.

these were hard to work on. for several reasons.

one. i didn’t know what i was doing. so i did what comes most naturally to me in this situation. and procrastinated.

two. as previously mentioned. i had a new baby. and then there was that little foray into homeschooling. so, time was a bit of an issue.

third. it was boring. it’s just squares. and gray. and it’s not super fun fabrics coming together to make a star or something like that. just squares.

and fourthly, and most importantly, when you are making a quilt for someone, you tend to have that person on your mind. and making a quilt (or two) is quite a time consuming process. so, corban and her parents and brother were on my mind A LOT during this. and it was sad. and hard.

so, anyhow. that’s the story.
joy picked them up this morning and she was super happy with them. i’m excited to hear about how her boys react. i’m so glad i had the opportunity to do this for their sweet family.

(also. recently, chris began a blog about corban, so you can read their story here.)

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nine months.

the hazel baby is turned nine months old yesterday.
she’s been on the outside for as long as she was on the inside.
(in theory. she spent an extra week on the inside, in case you forgot.)

i spent the day trying to get just one good picture of her and this was as good as it got.

most of the rest were blurry or she was looking away.
she’s a mess.

a happy mess.

we had her doc appointment the day before.
she’s a whopping 18 lbs and 5 oz. 54th percentile.
and 28.25″ long. 76th percentile.
and 18.27″ head. 97th percentile.
which is all right on track. tallish. normal weightish. and gigantic head.


she is still a terrible sleeper. just last night, perhaps in celebration of her nine month milestone, she woke up at 9 or so and stayed up until past 11. (i don’t actually know, because derek handled it while i took a turn sleeping). some nights are great. the night before, she slept all night. we’ve moved her to our closet. so she can’t see us when she wakes up. but we are still sort of close and she’s not waking up anna. naps are still crazytown. she’s taking two 30-60 minute naps a day. sometimes if they are both 30 minutes, she will take a third catnap later in the day. but, we are far from those dreamy 1.5-2.5 hour naps that i hear about from other folks.


she is pretty happy. and silly. more than i remember the other two kiddos being. she loves watching isaac act like a crazy person. and when lucy gets all riled up. she is forever flashing us this big goofy smile:

the two big exciting news from the last month are that she’s finally got some teeth. two to be exact. and, she has been walking some. last friday, she took one little step. and then, it was on. she has maxed out at 6 so far, but more and more, i see her let go of what she’s holding onto and try to give it a go. :) she’s still a spider monkey and climbs anything she possible can. crazy.

well. that’s all.
oh. and these last few pics are from last week.
and this one is perhaps the best i’ve ever taken with my little iphone, so i’m putting it in this post. obviously.

the end.

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our first attempt at (circus) camping…

so, we had the bright idea to attempt to camp with the three little people. one of whom, i may have mentioned, is the WORST sleeper. sounds fun, right?

derek did all of the legwork. he purchased and sorted and packed and prepared all of the supplies and sundries. (my new fave word). he even found a fab new-to-us tent on craigslist. it’s definitely not new. it’s from the seventies for sure. sears. canvas. yellow. anyhow, all i had to do was pack clothes and kids and drive out where he was already setting us up.

we went to an RV campsite and resort sort of place. it’s not super far away. and it has activities, which is a necessity given our kids ages.

the first thing the kids wanted to do was go swimming. and since it was 150 degrees, we obliged. i was mostly in the perfectly cold water, so i only managed a few pics and this is one of them. super hazel.

after we were cooled and all swimmed out, we settled into camp with the big yellow circus tent. seriously. check that thing out. ridiculously awesome. we had so many people stop by to admire it. and it is HUGE. we fit three camping mats. a toddler cot. a pack and play. all of our clothes and such. AND there was still walking room.

derek cooked us some dinner. on the fire. fun.

delicious fire cooked meats.

hazel had enough excitement and fell asleep while it was still light out. (it wouldn’t last. she woke up later and then wound up on (in between) the mats with us all night. blerg.)

while she slept, derek busted out a few activities for the older two to do by lantern light.

the night was rough. i feel like it’s a good time to mention that hazel had a fever. we all had little colds and coughs earlier in the week. but, then she had a bit of a fever. she acted normal. and happy. but she was hot and a bit uncomfortable at night it seems.

the next morning, we headed to the activity center slash general store area. there was a craft from 10 to 11. it was foam stickers. and it killed about 7 minutes of our day.


derek and isaac hit up the video game room.

and then. since it was mid morning, we decided to get some icecream.

hazel was super excited to have her own cone. she screamed when i took it away to clean it up a bit. she’s tired of sharing all the time.

some more swimming. and then back to site. derek’s parents visited for lunch. and brought hazel’s booster seat which was a lifesaver. we could safely contain her from fires, rolling down hills and other camping dangers. she’s a goof.

so, we made the executive decision that one of us was going to come home for the night with hazel and let her sleep in air conditioning and try to get a better night’s rest. and the one of us was me. mostly because hazel seems to do better when i am the one putting her to bed. and because derek could campfire with kids. and he is an old pro at coffee. plus, i was way more tired from the night before than he was. so, we headed out (and just in case you’re wondering, hazel was up until 1:00 am. but then she slept until 830 or so. and the fever was gone!)….

but. when i packed up the diaper bag, i accidentally took all of anna’s pullups (she still wears them at night). so, derek had to construct this makeshift diaper for her. hahahaha.

then, he pulled out the one trick we had up our sleeves. the ipad. and let the kids watch a movie in the tent. the gamble paid off, because they slept in the next morning.

hazel took a bath. i took a shower. we picked up bojangles. and headed back out in the morning.

the kids finished up their movie over breakfast. and probably much coffee for derek.

we spent most of the morning swimming. and then hazel and i took a nap in the tent.

then, we decided to try out the beach and lake. while hazel kept sleeping. and derek broke down the camp.


i forgot the life vests, so kids stayed nearby until they whined enough that i loaded them up to go get life vests. but first, i made them take this picture:

once they were firmly strapped into their foam life saving devices, they explored all over.

its hard to see. but that’s isaac. across the lake. chasing down a duck.

it was a beautiful (and scorching hot) day.

meanwhile, hazel woke up while derek was packing and he took this pic. yes, we took a fan. i made fun of derek about it, too. but, i was super thankful for it about 300 different times.

one last pic of the big yellow circus tent.

we came back from lake (and getting a cold drink and swimming in the pool some) and loaded all of the non-tent items and i took the kids home. derek finished with the tent (without three little people underfoot) and left shortly after we did. it was a great trip and i think we will definitely do it again. it would have been nice if it was cooler. if hazel wasn’t sick. and if maybe we had a different tent location. we got to know our neighbors throughout the weekend and i look forward to maybe seeing them again.

anyhow. we spent all of labor day monday recovering. there was a MOUNTAIN of laundry. i’m still catching up.

and that’s the tale of the big yellow circus tent lidbom camping adventure.

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two first days of school.

when we got back to the beach, we had one day to relax and then anna was off to school. preschool, that is. she’s going to calvary and has mrs. lyon, the same teacher isaac had.

she was sooooo excited.

she picked out a rainbow dash t-shirt and a rainbow ruffle skirt for her first big day.

walking in. with her sweet backpack. (it was actually a super short “get acclimated” kind of day. but it was still the first, nonetheless.)

then, a week later, it was isaac’s turn.
(last monday).

we tested out some different first day outfit options and he decided on this green button down shirt and a bow tie. i, of course, obliged. i had to make a bow tie to match, or else he’d have to wear the same one from last year, and we couldn’t have that.

he was slightly less excited than anna, but more excited than i had anticipated.

it was also cowboy day in anna’s class, so i obviously took a million pics of her too.


the first day of second grade boy and the cowgirl.


one more of the big kid. he looks so old.

ok. so. as promised.
why we are sending isaac back to public school…

well. it has been rough around here lately. isaac has so much energy. and NEEDS to be around other kids. and hazel doesn’t sleep. seriously. ever. she’s currently on a strict regimen of three naps a day, lasting about thirty or forty minutes. and i was really struggling with everything revolving around isaac for another year. i think home schooling was great for him. but, not for our entire family right now. he takes up about 90% of my energy and attention. i wanted to be able to help out in anna’s class. and have some time with hazel. and get my life back together.

i had to take him in to be screened to re-enroll after having been homeschooled. ha. policy. it gave me a chance to chat with the school about his placement. so, this year, he is in a smaller class, with an amazing teacher, with both first and second graders. it was explained to me to be an unofficial AG class and that they selected kids who can work independently and do not have behavior issues. so far, he really likes it. i’m hopeful that this will be the best possible scenario for him, that isn’t homeschooling.

hazel and i have had a handful of nice quiet mornings so far and anna has been enjoying the slower pace around here. the pickup line is a little frustrating, but i’ll still take that to homeschooling for now.

so, that’s where we are at. i hope to homeschool again. just. not right now.

that’s all.

(oh my. i’m almost ALL caught up!).

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august miscellaneousness.

june and july rolled by fast.
and then. it was august.
and there were beach preparations.
and school preparations.
and, well, without further ado, here’s 25 pictures from auguest.

anna picked out this fantastic light up backpack for school.

park playdate. before the friends arrived. a moment of getting along.

this girl can stand. from a squat. unassisted. punk.

but she’s a terribly messy eater.

but then again, perhaps oreo cookies aren’t the easiest option for a baby.

this kid is a goofball.

as is this one.

another oreo cookie attempt. same results.

sigh. open house. (details about decision to send back in later post).

anna art: “dad holding a banana”.

hazel’s cute face. snuggler.

we got the chickens out for a bit one night.

chickensarahpowers was cautious.

but interested. hazel cried.

ike and anna and judykessinger and chickensarahpowers.

anna frolicked about with supergirl.

while cleaning, we came upon a few leftover mustache stickers that my sister got isaac for christmas. so, we tried them on. i think anna didn’t want to smile because the sticker was stiff and felt weird.

day-before-school pizza lunch.

day-before-school haircut with fantastically glam stylist from great clips. (who almost let isaac talk her into leaving him with bangs on his super short haircut). photo credit: anna.

on the first weekend of school, anna got to take home “teddy”. yay. #sarcasm. in preschool, on the weekends, she sends home the class teddy bear and you are supposed to do stuff with him and then fill out a worksheet about all the things you did with him. and draw (or take and print) a pic of your preschooler with teddy. and remember where all of teddy’s belongings are. etc. we made cookies with teddy.
(note: when isaac had to take home teddy, i couldn’t convince him to do anything with the stuffed bear. he did not care one bit about it. anna, however, played pretend with teddy. took him everywhere. changed his clothes endlessly. slept with him. and drew an awesome picture of teddy and her making cookies.)

the fruits of our labors. the buttery, sugary, chocolate-y fruits of our labors.

so, we had a chicken incident. they got locked out by the kids one night and we came out to find them sleeping on the stairs. when we attempted to move them, we found that one had laid an egg. which is odd, bc they usually lay them in the mid morning to early afternoon. i’ll spare the biology lesson. when we went to pick it up, we realized it didn’t have a shell. at least not a full formed one. it was squishy and papery. in the morning, we “cracked” (peeled?) it open to show the kids.

hazel, happily sporting her run dmc tee.

anna the artist. specializes in rainbows.

anna had school pictures in her second week of school. i asked her to show me how she smiled and this is what i got. so, should make for some wonderful pics.

and that mostly brings me up to date.
well. except for this weekend. and the first day of school post.
blogging is sooo hard.

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family beach trip. the grand finale.

the last day!

back out to the beach. to soak up as much sun, salt water and sand as possible.

isaac quickly found a group of boys to hang with. and they were JERKS.
at one point, he came back and asked if he could take off his life vest to show them that he could swim without it (he can’t). i made him keep it on because i’m super mean and he headed back out with them. then, i noticed they moved way way down the beach. (side note: they were 9, 9 and 11. ike is 7.) so, he was playing with them still and then he came running towards us and said, “dad, is mom calling me?” derek told him that i wasn’t and he said “because my new friends said they thought they heard my mom calling me.” i wanted to go over and throat punch every last one of the little jerks. now, i know first hand, that isaac can be annoying. but, it still made me sad. there were a couple of other kids closer by and we explained that those kids weren’t being nice and he should try to meet the other kids. he did and they played the rest of the time. and i spent the rest of the morning thinking about going out to the other kids and dunking them.

anyhow. back to beach fun.

it was friday. and there were zillions of beach folks.

anna was hard at work for her last day.

and hazel was everywhere. i tried to keep her under umbrella as much as possible because it was scorching hot and we didn’t have the rash guard (or more accurately, the matching bottoms to the rash guard and i’m so vain). and it’s so hard to re-apply sunblock to a wet, sandy, slippery little baby. and yes. she ate some sea shells.


another beach nap for hazel. i need a beach at my house.

everyday, for the entire week, this guy was out building some seriously intricate castles. he wasn’t very friendly though. so we steered clear. they took ALL DAY. we could look out in the evening and see him still hard at work. i think derek took a pic of a finished one. i’ll try to post when i get to one of those massive update posts that covers two weeks of the lives of us five.

our castle looked ridiculous in comparison.

the boy. i have so few pics of him, because a) he’s less agreeable to the paparazzi and b) he spent most of his time way out in the ocean. and i don’t want my iphone to be at the bottom of the sea.

hazel. and our castle. :)

we had debated all week about whether or not to go to an all you can eat seafood buffet. they are super expensive. and the kids don’t eat much. and the kids also do not usually cooperate in restaurants. but, we had a coupon. and we ate a late breakfast, so on the last day, we made the call to go to an early dinner at this place. so much crab legs.

when we came back, i kept hazel in the room and packed and packed. and derek took the big kids out for a bit more beach. and took this pic for me. :).

we packed the car. went to bed. and that was that.
(and by that was that, i mean, we drove the long stupid long drive home all day the next day).

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fam beach trip. beach and carnival.

thursday and friday of our beach trip were beeee-autiful.
so off to the beach we went.

we lost hazel’s swim suit bottoms in laundry. derek suggested she just wear the rash guard with a swim diaper. i reminded him that she needed to look top notch for instagrams and blogs… so, we dusted off anna’s old suit and hazel rocked it. while eating sand.

ocean gazer. (and still a sand eater).

on the go. she has this one legged crawl that she has become quite efficient at. so, her sand trails were awesome. her right foot and hands making all the prints and her left leg leaving a long drag mark. she would take off on long adventures, entertaining all of the folks around us.

derek dug a hole for anna to hang out in.

water collector.

hazel took a short nap at the beach. a pleasant surprise.

while she napped, i sipped a fruity drink that derek delivered.

after our good long morning at the beach, we decided to try the little carnival type place at north myrtle. it was packed out because of some live music and people in golf carts, but we had fun. well. maybe not hazel. who was just along for the ride. and lost her paci about 13 minutes in.

isaac rode the scrambler. by himself. crazy. he tried to act bored and disinterested, but he couldn’t contain it for long and began smiling and giggling.

and of course, i can’t help but take pics of the ferris wheel. which neither kid wanted to ride. :(

after a few rides, we decided to divide and conquer. because isaac refused to ride kiddie rides and anna was getting super bored watching him on big kid rides. i took anna. :). we tested out each kiddie ride.

(they are all just a different thing to ride on while it slowly revolves approximately 300 times.)

derek took isaac to the bigger rides. like bumper cars.

anna did go for the smaller, enclosed in a cage version of the ferris wheel.

ike and the dragon (or alligator?) rollercoaster.

isaac and anna both on the dragongator rollercoaster.

night shot of the ferris wheel. i can’t help myself.

anna had a rough time towards the end. she wanted to do one of the little (rickety) fun houses. isaac took off ahead and she tried to take off just as fast. and then this happened…

but she hopped up and dusted herself off and gave it another go (with the help of the ride attendant). there was also some mayhem at the giant slide. isaac didn’t want to go. but she grabbed a burlap sack and trudged up to the top (even though she might have been just a little shy of the height requirement… the ride attendant really didn’t seem to care about rules schmools).
on the way down, she somehow managed to flip over onto her stomach. she then stopped herself. and everyone started heading toward her to help, but she resituated and resumed her ride. at the bottom, we pointed her to the gate and while we waited, we started talking to isaac and consoling a bored and cranky hazel. after a minute or two, i turned around and anna was standing in the same spot, crying. she didn’t see the gate and was freaking out because she couldn’t get back to us. :(. and it was so loud, that we didn’t hear her. special thanks to all the parents of other kids who just stood there and did nothing. jerks. we got her out. dusted her off. and she went again. crazy kid.

anyhoooo. at this point, we’d all pretty much had it and we went home. only one more day!!

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family beach trip. no sand day.

i’m never going to finish all of these posts.

this is wednesday of our trip, i think.
we opted to not go to the beach. cleaning sand off three little people gets tiring. and we needed a break.

so, off to the pool.

then back to the room for freezie pops.


then, we thought mini golf would be a good idea. this year, we opted for the pirate themed course.

isaac teeing off.

anna taking lessons.

hazel and i just looked on.

short game.

backhand shot. oh wait. it’s golf. not hockey.

ok. so it was 900 degrees out. so, we faded fast. and hazel was grumpy.

after mini golf, we decided to try hamburger joe’s for an early dinner. we had gone last year, only to discover that it was quite a hot spot, and there was nowhere to park for miles. this year, we parked directly in front. next to the door. rockstar.

the kids wanted to sit at the counter. it was a super fun place.

and i obviously got a burger. and it was delicious. and we will for sure go back.

anyhoooo… back to the room. where anna drew a “robot bird with rainbow wings”. and i love it.

and then wednesday was done.

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family beach trip. pirates voyage day.

(i’m in a race to get the beach trip all blogged before the first day of school…)

i don’t even know what day i’m on. tuesday, i think. because that’s the day we went to pirates voyage.

but, we started out the day at the beach. obviously.
obligatory baby eating sand photo.

anna digging photo.

isaac made a friend. and even though he was a bit older, he didn’t seem to mind hanging with ike.

he was so excited. we ran into the same kiddo at the pool a few times and they played there too. (we had a less delightful beach friend experience later in the week).

hazel and a giant bucket of water. and the world’s best cheesy smile.

the title of this pic on instagram was “anna builds castles and hazel eats them.” and that’s pretty much what went down.

derek dug hazel her own little pool.

but she wasn’t interested and headed off to explore.

we had a short morning at the beach, so we could rest up for our big evening at pirates voyage!! it was just me and the two older kids. we figured there was no sense paying for another adult ticket just so someone could hold hazel.

i tried to get a good pic of us. selfie style.

and then i attempted to capture just the two knuckleheads. to no avail. they were goofy. and uncooperative. and the light was bad.

the show. if you look carefully, you’ll see a sea lion balancing on one fin. crazy.

i didn’t get many good pics inside. the light was bad. i was overwhelmed with helping the kids with their food. watching. wiping hands and faces. consoling scared kids. etc. and so on.

but we did score some pirate swords, and almost managed a decent pic outside.

it was pretty fun. it would have been nice to have had derek there. i think hazel could have managed. maybe next year…

the end.

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