the annual coloring of the eggs.

we colored our eggs exceptionally early this year, since i figured they would enjoy eating the rainbow-y eggs leading up to easter instead of me making them all into deviled eggs on easter morning. :)

so, last weekend, we assembled the necessary items for egg dying success. the $2 paas dying kit (complete with cups that match the dye tablets). eggs. so many papertowels. spoons. trays. kids.

the egg dying experts, planning their attack…

action shot.

sassy egg dyer.

more action.

ombre attempt.


instagram documentation.

another pretty egg shot.

and one more.


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beekeeper training day.

for the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about bees for science. we’ve read books, watched videos, watched the bee movie, wrote a bee book, made a bee craft and finished off the study with a trip to our favorite local beekeeper, mark duncan. (he’s a friend of ours from church and he and his wife have two girls almost exactly the same age as our two girls. so, a fieldtrip-playdate-lunchdate-funday was planned.)

the bee craft doubled as the bee book cover. :)

we tracked down a child size bee suit via some other friends who keep bees and/or know other folks who keep bees. it was a perfect fit.

isaac wore it all morning and in the car on the way. while i was about 97% sure he was going to completely freak out when it came time to actually see the bees, his excitement to wear the suit gave me hope.

after lunch (sans suit), mark showed isaac some cool stuff about bees. i think isaac was mostly concerned with making sure anna saw a princess placemat that was on the table, but he did retain a bit of knowledge about how long queen bees take to grow.

then, after a slight mini meltdown, we suited up. mark duct taped any and all possible openings on isaac’s suit, so he would feel completely secure. he explained all the tools and answered all questions.

we headed up the hill to the hives. there were three. one empty, one new one that was waiting for a queen to hatch. and one old established one. mark explained everything that would happen, and isaac was surprisingly on board. :)

first things first. the smoker. here’s where the bee movie was slightly inaccurate and a little educating had to take place. (it doesn’t hurt the bees, it makes them think there’s a fire and they might have to move, so they are less interested in stinging folks and more interested in getting ready for the move). isaac felt secure being in charge of the smoker.

we looked at the empty hive first, to help with nerves and learn about the hive without it being coated in bee business.

onto the new hive. isaac handled the smoking task.

mark showed us the different cells, with larvae and honey. and we got to see two queen cells. interesting fact. the bees usually choose which queen they like best and help her hatch(?) first. her first duty, flying around to find the other queen cells to sting them and kill the other possible queens.

more bees doing bee things.

then, we moved onto the big hive. isaac was getting a little nervous at this point. i think he felt he had pressed his luck enough.

the big hive was so much busier. we saw all the pollen (and tried to smell it, but someone was gratuitously using the smoker, so we mostly just smelled smoke). there was so much honey. we saw that some was capped and finished and others were still open for the bees to work on. mark tried to show some larvae, but it required getting a little closer than isaac was comfortable with. (same thing with seeing the pollen baskets on their legs).

the smoker. in action.

anyhooo…. all went great. i was very pleasantly surprised with how well isaac did. and a big shout out to mark and his family. he was so great at explaining everything and making isaac comfortable. it was a great field trip. and thanks to allison, for managing all of the girls, so i could tag along. :)

lastly, here’s the baby girls on their first play date.

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four months…


hazel hazel hazel.
you are four months old today.
and you are wearing. us. out.


you are a busy and ultra alert little lady. if you hear a sound, especially one made by a sibling, you crane your little neck around as fast as it will go to see what is going on.


we had your doc appointment (with shots) on Tuesday.
you were 13 lbs 7.5 oz. (36th percentile)
and 25.5 inches tall. (90th percentile)
and your head is still ginormous at 17 inches around. (98th percentile)

so. long. lean. giant head.


but. lets talk about sleeping. I’m gonna tell it to you straight. you suck at sleeping.

for awhile it was just naps. those were terrible. but I said “at least she’s content. and she sleeps great at night”. but then things began to change. you got grumpy. naps got even shorter. and then. suddenly. your night times became horrible. you fight sleep until 930 or 10. then you wake up at a 11 or so. and then 3. and then 4. and then 430. 5. 530. etc.

(in the middle of the night last night, I think between 4 and 430, I phone-googled “four month old” and google suggested “sleep regression” to complete my search. and I came across a blog. that made me feel a bit more sane. and like everything we are doing isn’t going to ruin you forever. but still. would it kill you to just give us a nice long 6 hour stretch? I will be waking you at 5 am on the weekend when you are a teen. just so you know.)


your brother and sister love you more than anything. they want to do everything for you. it’s sweet. and pretty much doubles my work.


you are super smily and so so cute. so, that makes the not sleeping thing slightly more tolerable. and you have some cute little folds in your scrawny legs.

I think we will keep you around.

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the “it’s finally spring” edition of my bi-weekly catch up posts.

we’ve been keeping pretty busy around here.

my little artist anna keeps making fun pictures. this is a blue alligator in the making.

since we are down to seven chickens, i decided they could live inside the coop for awhile and our yard (and deck) could finally be free of chicken poop. it will also keep them safe from our ferocious killer golden retriever. i take a big bowl of scraps out to them everyday and it makes lucy completely crazy that she can’t get to it. as an added bonus, i’ve noticed some perennials are started to grow successfully (and not be trampled and/or eaten).

i still haven’t had a ton of time to sew, but i have been slowly cutting squares for some patchwork quilts for a friend’s kiddos. she’s got three girls. and finds out soon if her fourth will also be a girl. here’s the four stacks. we’ll see if i need to make all four. :)

i’ve finally been trying to get my act together and go to the gym (which is tricky) and eat less food. and better food. so, i’ve been making a delicious salad like this everyday…

hazel. oh hazel. she takes terrible naps. and hates being in a bouncy chair or reclined. we borrowed an exersaucer from my friend jessica and it’s been super helpful. she desperately wants to be mobile.

relaxing on anna’s bed before bedtime with the girlzzz.

i scored all of this fabric in an instagram trade. another quilter was looking for some fabric that i happened to have and didn’t really know what in the world i would ever use it for. she asked if i had anything i was looking for. i said i would love just a few tiny scraps of heather ross fabrics and boy did she deliver!!

in other quilting news, i had a mini sewing day with my friend, angie, and we made a few blocks for a charity/auction quilt for another quilty friend, paige. the top two are mine.

playing board games with anna is always interesting. she’s got such a wild imagination that we almost never play by the rules. or finish. she just starts pretending some sort of story and ignoring me. in this game, lego ariel was dismembered and placed in the licorice lagoon.

some more anna art. this is rainbow dash, of the my little pony species.

the weather. it’s finally awesome again. spring! we have been to the park a ton. with various friends. here we are with jess and her gang. a picnic at the bottom of the slide.

hazel. the worst napper. she wakes up happy, at least. after 30 minutes. almost every time. it can be infuriating. it’s not forever. it’s not forever. it’s not forever.

this is a pic from her “sixteen week photo shoot”. she’s harder to get a picture of because she rolls over approximately 15 seconds after being placed on her back.

she much prefers tummy time. :)

i brought home peep donuts from dunkin donuts for the kids after one of my 5 am workout sessions. they ate the peep off the top and then declared they don’t like donuts and wanted eggs.

another park trip. obligatory leg hole swing pic.

heather and livy love hazel.

swing licker.

isaac taught anna how to play hopscotch. as with board games, she made up her own version and he got frustrated with her. :)

derek cut back some crepe myrtles, and isaac wanted to help, so we let him have a go at it. that’s homeschool, right?

isaac seriously loves hazel. it is the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen. and she loves him. when she hears him, she cranes her head around trying to find him and gives him the biggest smiles. he always wants to hold her and feed her and when she gets fussy, he moves her to a new baby contraption.

i have had my eye on the wee wander fabric bundle. it’s impossible to find a fat quarter bundle of it, so i found a friend to split a half yard bundle and finally pulled the trigger. i’m going to make matching quilts for anna and hazel. someday. (side note: i’m a little frustrated because one of the prints was missing and i’ve emailed the shop, but they haven’t responded.) also. this picture doesn’t do the fabric justice. it’s got some big prints with horses and lightning bugs and children frollicking. i can’t wait.

napping. yay.

more park. more swings.

so. we have been reading charlie and the chocolate factory for the last few days. i was reading it to isaac and anna and we were about halfway done. then, isaac took it to bed one night. he came down at 10pm and announced he’d finished it. so, firstly, i had to quickly figure out our next book. and secondly, he demanded to see the movie. so, last night, we rented the johnny depp version (it’s more true to the book). they loved it. now he wants to watch the gene wilder version. i’ll probably have to oblige.

lastly. isaac was helping make a grocery list.  
chicken. bread. avocado. ham. turkey.

that’s all for now. thanks for reading!

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kristin boone is awesome.

But you already knew that.  :)

Anyhow, she came over to take some pictures last friday and they are totally awesome. Here are some (a bunch) of my favorites…
If you click on any of them, you’ll be whisked away to my flickr account where you can view them all.

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

kristin boone photos

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what have i done?

when i uploaded the pictures to this post, i was going to write all about homeschooling and how great it’s been going. but, then, we had a really horrible morning. really horrible. and i wrote an email to a friend. and then, i sat down to finally put words to the pictures in this post. and i realized i would be lying. you know, putting my best foot forward for my internetty friends.

so, change of plans.
the truth. (and pretty much copy and pasted out of the email to my friend).

it’s a bit rough going around here. hazel takes the shortest naps every. like 30 minutes each. then, sometimes, we might catch a break and get an hour or even an hour and half one in the afternoon. it sucks. and she’s not really down with just hanging out in a bouncy chair and letting us finish up. she’s high maintenance.

isaac is fighting me on EVERYTHING. seriously. i have to constantly threaten to take him back to school. i don’t feel like i’m doing nearly enough, but it’s all i can do to get math and some phonics done before he melts down. i think part of my problem is that i have been researching curriculums and methods and all that stuff and i don’t have a clear picture of what i want homeschooling to be for us. i will think one thing is great one day and then the opposite the next.

AND. well, i was a teacher. and i went to public school. and so did he. so, he’s used to worksheets. and “what do i need to do to get this task done and get back to goofing off”. and he came home with sooooo much stuff. but, i don’t know how much of that is because he was in a class full of kids so you have to do that sort of thing to get if someone knows something. or if it was busywork. or if it’s necessary. we’re just trying to figure all of that out. and i get nervous that i’m not doing enough.

the other sucky thing is that anna is turning into a neglected middle child. i’m either tending to a screaming not sleeping baby. or screaming, arguing, pleading, etcetera with isaac to do 15 minutes of work. so, she just wanders around the house aimlessly. or worse, decides she needs something from me and whines until i lose it completely. good times. really. she says she wants isaac to go back to school. :( she’s gonna need therapy someday.

so, yeah. that’s how things are going. trying not to kill anyone by summertime. mostly.

anyhoooo. we HAVE had some good moments.

we made this pyramid out of sugar cubes:


and we planted some veggies for the garden.





well. that’s it. i KNOW this is what we want to do. i’m just not sure i’m going to survive it.

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super fast update.

i’m going to race to caption these photos and then get to bed.

homeschooling… another post with details to come soon. soonish.

hazel’s starting to get grabby.

we made cookies. and ate a LOT of cookie dough.

perfect cookies. thanks to the cookie scoop.

anna got a substantial haircut. the tangled mess was becoming ridiculous.

st. pats day. (note: the green). watching veggie tales flannel graph about saint patrick. that’s homeschool, right?

we went to the mountains to visit derek’s parents. hazel, of course, took a record nap just when we had made plans to go to the outlets.

the older two played for HOURS in this tiny super fun closet.

hazel woke up and we bundled up to head to outlets. first she watched some spongebob with her favorite bro.

bribed anna throughout the shopping trip with these nifty (mostly broken, mostly wet) little rides.

hazel scored a tutu at the outlets. $5. gymboree. that’s right.

so did anna.

back to reality.

anna drew a blue alligator. just because.

anna wanted to feed hazel because isaac wanted to feed hazel.

another outlet shopping trip score. peanuts onesie. gap. $3. word.

hazel is not content to just sit. evidence:

captured this during a photo shoot with kristin boone.

here’s kristin. working her magic. anna looks on.

our pals, the browns, came over friday night. for some pizza and campfire fun.

finger sucker.

consignment sales on saturday. scored a TON of cheap books. and some legos.

hazel. photo by derek.

hazel again. photo by derek again.

we finished reading the chronicles of narnia today, so we watched the movie tonight. both kids loved it. i was surprised anna stuck with it, but i guess having heard the book read to her, she wasn’t as scared as she would have been if she didn’t know what happened? i don’t know. and isaac is “that guy”. you know. “that wasn’t how it was in the book”. “why did they leave that part out?”… and so on.

that’s all.
i got a gym membership. again. finally. finally again.
and i’m gonna go tomorrow. at 5. sheesh.
wish me luck.

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fully rotational

hazel rolled over from back to front last week.
on thursday. at 3 months and 10 days. the same as isaac. anna was a few days behind.
i seem to have my work cut out for me…

anyhow, she’s not exactly fully rotational, because she prefers to roll one way from front to back. and then the same way from back to front. so, she’s still not super mobile. but, i suspect my time is short…

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since february…

it’s been a whirlwind these last couple of weeks. other than telling you that i’m homeschooling and that hazel turned three months and that i made a quilts, i haven’t updated much. so without further ado… here are the happenings of late.

some snuggles with hazel.

when i took this next picture, i was convinced that this was as bad as the lego situation would ever be in my living room. i was wrong. i came home today to about 10 times this many legos all over every surface of the main level of the house. anyhow, here’s what my coffee table always looks like these days.

super flying hazel.


we are currently OBSESSED with the movie frozen. just like the rest of america, i suppose. here is isaac belting out “let it go”.

last saturday, i went fabric shopping for some quilts for a friend’s three girls. hazel went with me. she’s very helpful.

while i was shopping, isaac and anna went to a nursery rhyme character brunch and play with derek’s mom. they were supposed to dress as a character, but just picked out a bow tie and a twirly dress.  the said they were hansel and gretel.

hazel is a finger sucker.

she’s also growing this fantastic hairstyle from lying on her back. not my favorite.

the chickens are back to laying eggs in full force. our egg bowl is always filled.

on sunday, anna and i took off to sonic for some one on one time. half price slushies. i don’t know what keeps us from going everyday.

we borrowed an ergo carrier and went for a walk. hazel is a fan. i’m a fan. so much so that we bought our own.

i stacked up my fabric purchases from my spree with hazel. along with some fabrics of my own. and came up with this for three quilts for three girls.

olive fingers.

sooo… we went to target for a few things. and we wanted to get some lego movie minifigures. but, they are still all out. so, instead… we got my little ponies. pinky pie for anna. and rainbow dash for isaac. :)

the weather has been glorious lately. so. since we homeschool. and we make our own rules, we went to the park for lunch. also. to be clear. anna picked this outfit out all on her own.

picnic lunch with friends.

older lid kids.

hazelbaby on the swing. she was a fan.

obligatory leg hole swing picture.

anna, helping.

isaac, helping.

remember that thing about the legos? yeah. this:
(derek bought a ginormous lot of legos on craigslist. there has been a lot of sorting and assembling and repackaging and negotiating going on around here. derek hopes to sell some to make up the cost. isaac wants to keep them all.)

on thursday, we joined some friends from church for a “field trip” to a local horse stable. anna thought horses were awesome.

hazel didn’t really care.

this horse loved hazel and anna.

when it came time to take a ride on the horse, isaac determined quickly that he wasn’t interested. anna waited patiently in line. got her helmet on. and burst into sad tears when the horse guide guy began to lift her up. so no lid kids rode horses that day.

and then i took these pictures of hazel…

the end.

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three months


hazel is three months old today. ninety days. one fourth of a year. almost 13 weeks (that’s tomorrow).

we are starting to settle in a bit. as we knew we would approximately 89 days ago. but, it’s so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel at 2:30 am with a screaming baby. or with fighting older kids at 2:00 pm when you are hoping for just one nap to be longer than thirty minutes.


the nap situation is still a bit tricky. and hazel likes to be on the move and facing outward and sitting upright when she’s awake. lying on her back. or in the bouncy chair. not so much. she’s alert and ready to go. except for the part where she doesn’t know how to go. so similar to isaac. except less miserable.


isaac and anna are still smitten with her. it’s quite cute. especially isaac. he talks in the most impossibly high pitched voice at her. and she loves him right back. he gets big smiles and head rolls.


we just moved up to 3-6 month clothing. always sad to pack up all the tiny stuff that has the memories attached to it. coming home from the hospital outfit. the gowns (although we stopped wearing those a long time ago). tiny onesies. you get the idea.


she’s batting at things. and trying to grab. her favorite things are her feet. she’s trying so hard to suck a thumb. well, i think. i thought anna was too, and she never did. and is almost four with a paci. but, i digress. hazel can hold her head way up during tummy time. and has mastered rolling from front to back.


she’s super smiley and happy most of the time. and cute. i like her.


well, she and i are about to pack up and go to a party to celebrate her arrival.

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