acadia, the miscellany.

we kept so busy during our time at acadia, so i’m cramming two weeks of miscellaneous down time into one post. so, without further ado….

hazel has about 40 thomas the train minifigures. sadly, there are no tracks being made for them. so, we busted out some washi tape and she’s totally good to go.

and we don’t have to worry about pieces fitting together. even anna enjoys playing with them.

we received a care package from the grandlidboms. it had the next size shoes for hazel that i had packed away. some bedding and towels for their upcoming visit. some autumn soaps and lotions. and a book for anna from aunt kristin. she read it in record time.

so, one night, while we were sitting around, a car rolled through the campsite, ringing a bell. lo and behold, it was a pie “truck”. like an ice cream truck. only pies.

so, we obviously bought a blueberry pie. we split it with another fellow camper. and it was soooooo good.

our campground was right on the water, so we (derek) took the kids down for low tide a few times.

there were also several campfire nights. hazel likes to get a burning ball of marshmallow napalm and then start swinging it around. it’s very safe.

after the s’mores, the campfire loses its novelty and the kids turn to electronics for entertainment.

there has been a LOT of lego-ing lately. the big kids spend hours crouched in this tiny spot, minecrafting away.



one day, during derek’s lunch break, we took a quick trip over to “thunder hole”. the kids and i had been there before, on one of our hikes, but supposedly at 2 hours before high tide, under perfect conditions, there’s loud booming sounds and big splashes. we must have missed it or the conditions weren’t just so.

we watched for a bit and then went back to the campsite.

on our final day before the grandlidboms came, anna and i rode the bus into bar harbor to shop and eat ice cream. it was beautiful out and i couldn’t stand sitting around the campsite, but the kids were being extra lazy and bummy and didn’t want to do anything. only ice cream could entice anna to go with me.

on wednesday, in the second week, the grandlidboms arrived. we settled them in and then went out to dinner. back to the lobster/barbecue place. this time, we went with clams. blerg.

all of the lidpeople at dinner. minus me. the photographer.

our thursday with them is well documented (bee hive hike and lobster boat). on friday, we went back to bar harbor to walk on the bar island trail and do some tide pool exploring.



then we shopped again for awhile. i had scoped a few t-shirts that i was interested in the day before, but needed some kid-free time to fully contemplate my purchase. in the end, i wasn’t kid free and it was raining so there were a zillion cruise ship people milling around, taking refuge from the rain and the decision was even more stressful than the day before, but i stuck it out and settled on a green, retro, 100th anniversary acadia national park shirt. you’ll be seeing it in future blog posts. it’s my new fave.

anyhow. after this life altering decision was made, we were thrust into another crisis – where to have lunch. we decided on a lobster place near our campsite, c-rays, which we instantly regretted not eating at for every single other meal on our trip.

it was super cute.

and soooooo good.

i had a blueberry soda to refresh me.

the kid hung out at with derek’s parents for the afternoon. anna helped make dinner and we tried out a bunch of new games that we bought at a toy store in bar harbor. isaac had an epic meltdown (commonplace). we had dinner. then we started the sad and annoying process of bringing back all of the kid’s possessions to our camper. derek packed us up as much as possible. anna spent the night with the grands. in the morning, we finished packing up camp. had a granola bar and yogurt breakfast with everyone. and said our goodbyes.

derek’s parents headed back to portland. and we headed north. and this concludes our time at acadia. and probably the best two weeks of our trip so far.

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acadia, with grandparents.
(seal and lobster boat).

after our morning of hiking the beehive trail, we met up with derek’s parents and the kids to go to bar harbor on a seal watching and lobster fishing boat.

on the way through the harbor, we spotted these lobster photo booths, so we obviously had to stop for some pictures.


our naturalist (super smart tour guide) was awesome. she explained everything plainly and answered any questions. she gave every kid a chance to do different things.

we learned how to tell the difference between a boy and girl. what lobsters they can keep and what lobsters they have to release. how they know which traps are theirs. how the eggs hatch. how the lobster pots work. and so much more.

they have to have between 3.25″ and 5″ bodies.

on lobster fishing boats, they keep and eat the crabs. on this educational boat, they are required to throw everything back in. after we all have a careful inspection, that is.

girls selfie.

all the kids got to try measuring the lobsters and putting rubberbands on their claws.


hazel even did it, but i don’t have a picture because i was holding her and derek had moved up with anna so she could see better. (because she was the most interested lidkid, obviously). she got to put more rubberbands on…

a pic from derek. a much better view. we did not select very good seats.

anna, measuring a lobster to see if it was a keeper.

after the lobstering, we drove way way out into the bay to see some seals. the scenery was beautiful. seeing acadia from the water was pretty sweet.

we rode out to a tiny little lighthouse on egg rock.

there were all sorts of birds and a bunch of seals bobbing about. i didn’t get a great picture, but in this zoomed in shot, you can at least see some dark blobs to prove that we did actually spot some seals.

seal watching selfies with the anna baby.


meanwhile, the ride out put hazel to sleep. and isaac wasn’t (and never is) super interested.

we got a little closer to the island before turning around and heading back to the harbor.

hazel was OUT. COLD.

on the ride back, we all got to hold a lobster. anna had been asking me the whole trip when she would get to hold one, so she was super excited.


our boat was called the miss samantha and they were holding a contest for folks to post their pictures of themselves kissing the lobster and hashtagging it with #misssamkisscam. we talked anna into kissing her lobster, but then i never entered and i don’t even know what we would win. but here’s that pic.

seriously. she loves animals.

grandma even got in on the action.

after the cruise, we walked up through bar harbor for a bit of shopping. it’s a pretty little area, except for all the tourist mania. (there were several cruise ships worth of extra people milling about).

the grandlidboms bought gifts for the lidkids, and anna obviously chose a lobster (and a moose, not in the picture), while ike chose a camo print lobster, and hazel a lighthouse snowglobe. 🙂

we finished the day with some dinner. a campfire. s’mores. and 2/3 of the lidkids reporting back to the grandlidboms for a sleepover.

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acadia, no kids hike.
(bee hive trail).

the early part of our second week at acadia was pretty chill. not too much to report. on wednesday, though, derek’s parents rolled into town. the kids were SOOOOO excited. after they were settled in, the kids had transferred the entire contents of our trailer into their cabin, and an epic sleepover began.

derek and i stopped by for some breakfast the next morning, but then we had a few hours to ourselves. it was beautiful and i had been pining for a more treacherous hike. it’s hard to be in these beautiful places but limited to kid friendly activities. so, after some research and planning for time constraints, we settled on the bee hive trail. it’s a 1.5 mile loop that goes straight up (well zig zags up) the side of a beehive shaped mountain, complete with ladders and bridges and general danger of falling to one’s death.

this was the view from the parking lot.

the fun begins.

after a short little hike from the road, you come to a fork. turn right and you’re heading up the rock face. go left and take a still-pretty-strenuous, but less dangerous trail around the back and to the top. derek went straight and planned to meet me at the top. i went right and hoped he was correct.

the views, when i could safely stop to enjoy them, were amazing. my pics do not do them any justice.

the first obstacle. this grate. there was a 15 foot or so drop beneath it. the rock face on the left angled out, so it was a little awkward, but good “practice” for what was to come.

i stopped for some selfies, to try to document the beauty and the danger.

there were lots of ladders and iron rungs to hold onto when there was climbing involved.

down below, derek waited long enough to take a picture of me starting the journey up. i’m in the green shirt on the bottom. you can see other folks dotting the rock face on various other points on the trail.

back to my vantage point. more views and cliffs.

another selfie. i’m decidedly more tired. and terrified. i think it shows.

derek used the “find my friends” app to see my location. we thought it was amusing.

this was probably one of the scarier parts. the little bridge messed with your head and turning that corner into the unknown was slightly terrifying.

more selfies. to document i’m still alive.

another cliff’s edge view. that’s sand beach down there, which i’ve blogged about before.

most of the way up, i was near another couple and we started chatting a bit. they were very sweet and offered to take this pic while we rested up in a safe spot. 🙂

panorama of the view from the safe spot.

from there, it was mostly climbing ladders and rock scrambles to get to the top. i didn’t stop for pics for safety reasons. ;). at the top, derek was waiting for me, as planned.

we took some commemorative pictures.

and tons of pics of the view.



the walk down was a lot easier. sort of. i was a little jelly legged from the climb up. and my shredded knees were aching a bit. going down is hard on them. so i managed to roll my ankle. good times. anyhow. we made it back to where the trail had split. joked about heading back up. and derek took this pic of the warning sign.

and one last pic for old times sake.

and one last selfie. i lived!!

i would definitely do this again. the scariest part turned out to be the unknown. anywhere dangerous had rungs. and it was shorter than i thought it would be. it’s definitely no place for kids that are my kids’ ages. or for folks with a fear of heights, i suppose.

anyhow. we raced back to the camper. showered. and met up with the grandlidboms and the lidkids for the next adventure…

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acadia, the weekend.
(wonderland trail)

our weekend in acadia was relatively low key. the weather was a little blah and overcast, so we tried to stick to activities that wouldn’t be ruined by drizzle and cold.

firstly, we went to a toy and book store. we ended up spending quite awhile there, as you might imagine. then, we crossed the street to an antique shop, where the kids learned all about 80s toys and we bought a pile of sea glass.

then it was lunch time. we happened upon this lobster and barbecue place. random.

hazel played with her new (antique (but not really)) percy the train.

we started off with a pile of mussels.

and then it was lobster time.

we spent the rest of saturday indoors. i’m not sure exactly what we did or why, because there are no pictures documenting our day. i know that on sunday, there was some reading and playing with legos and minecraft, and when the rain let up, we set out to “wonderland trail”. it was our only adventure on the west side of mount desert island.

we made a quick stop at the bass harbor lighthouse.

which is protected by homeland security.

wonderland trail was just a short little hike that goes from the road to the water. we raced through it, to get to the tide pools.

the landscape was a little harder to navigate that we expected.

lots of slippery rocks and slimy seaweed.

nonetheless, several crabs were captured.

derek let this guy crawl all over him.

which gave anna the courage to follow suit. (versus tightly holding their bodies to avoid any claw pinches).

derek took the big kids out further. hazel and i hung back in the safe zone.


i probably should have brought a full change of clothes. i should know these things by now.

the boy.

anna loves sea creatures.

pretty round rocks.

meanwhile, back in the safe zone.

rock tower.

the big kids returned and resumed crab searches with hazel.

anna’s biggest catch.

isaac finally worked up the courage to catch and hold his own crab.

and lastly, the biggest catch of the day. so what if it was dead (and rotten).

it was getting late, so we made the hike back to the car in record time and made the long drive back to our campsite. and then, our lazy-ish weekend was over.

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acadia, days 5/6.
(ocean path)

on our fifth day in acadia (thursday), we took the bus to sand beach to walk along the ocean path trail. our first stop was to see the beach that we went to earlier in the week in the dark.

not too shabby.

we started our journey, stopping to climb down to the rocky areas a couple of times.

one little covy area had dozens of rock towers. this one was the tallest.

the views were fantastic.

hazel was grumpy to ride in the backpack, but it was a little treacherous for a tiny person.

unfortunately, our hike was cut short by a bathroom related emergency. derek had to come get us and evacuate us from the trail. i’ll spare you the details. 🙂

not satisfied with the results of our hike, we went back the next day. this time, we left hazel at home with derek. she didn’t want to go hiking and i was relieved to not have to choose between worrying about her running off a cliff to her death or carrying an extra 30 pounds as i attempted to navigate the terrain.

so, with just the two older kids and an earlier start, we headed back. it was still beautiful.

the beach view from above.

the kids asked me to take their pictures so many times. i obliged.

some kid-less scenery.


now that i’m going back and looking at the pics, it all seems to jumble together, but i assure you we were moving along and these are all different spots.

we attempted a selfie….

…but a fellow explorer offered to take a family pic for us.

the kids loved hopping along the rocky coast versus the boring gravel path.

we made it back to the cool little cove from the day before that had all the rock towers. this time i took a pic of them all.

and the kids set to work, making their own tower.

isaac mostly just made a big pile. anna worked hard to find the proper balance each time and ended up with a pretty impressive little tower.

more scenery…


action shot.

trying to be funny.

in one spot, the rock slope was more gradual, and we were able to get close to the water. the water crashing up seemed pretty angry, so it was a bit terrifying, but thankfully no lidkids fell in.

more climbing.

eventually, we made it to “thunder hole” which is an attraction of the park. when the tide and water conditions are right, i guess there’s quite a loud boom created by the waves. we weren’t there for that, but it was still packed out, with buses dropping off loads of people every few minutes.

we hurried past, back to the less populated areas.


we ended our hike at otter cliffs because we were sure we wouldn’t make it to the next bus stop. there was a rock climber at the top working to help his partner come up the side (we couldn’t see the partner, but stopped to watch for a bit).

i took this pic of him and debated asking him for a phone number to text it to, until he was really condescending to us, and called us “tourists” with disdain to his climbing buddy. jerk. either way, it’s a cool pic, i think.

we made it back onto the bus, where there was an older couple with a super sweet dog who clearly wanted to walk to the back to see us. his owners let him go and he spent the next thirty minutes being completely spoiled by the annababy.

and reminding us that we miss lucy :(.

and this concludes our ocean path adventure.

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acadia, day three.
(jordan pond)

on day three, i was prepared. i checked the maps. the bus schedule. read trail reviews. and had a plan.

firstly, we took the bus from our campsite to the visitor center. we had 15 minutes until the next bus would take us to jordan pond, so we decided to make a dash in and get isaac his junior ranger badge. (at first he didn’t want to do it, but i after anna did hers, he came around).

we made it to the stop just in time to catch the bus to jordan pond, where we made a bathroom stop and then hit the trails. before we were very far, we spotted this friendly fellow.

we got off to a slow start because the kids wanted to stop and play in all the shallow, rocky spots. not that i minded the view.

the trail was 3.4 miles, with very little elevation change. the first half is nice and gravelly and wide. with lots of cool spots to stop and take beautiful pics.

like i said. lots of stops.


hazel walked some, but after several frustrating stumbles, she let me put her in the backpack for awhile.

monkey children.


we stopped for a snack after completing approximately half a mile. maybe a mile. certainly not longer than that.

hazel got a second wind and got out to walk a bit.

finally, we made it to the other side of the lake. we weren’t quite halfway, but we were re-energized.

we pressed on.

we came to a cute little bridge that goes over the stream that feeds out of the lake.

several pictures were in order.

the annababy is always up for a picture. 🙂

the second half of the trail was a little more rocky. on the first half of the hike, we were stopped by quite a few people who wanted to let us know that the second half was “very hard” and that they were worried about me taking the kids on it. i wasn’t sure what to expect, but figured our worst case would be to turn around and walk back. it turns out, the path wasn’t too bad at all, nothing like climbing the rocks at the lighthouses.

back in the backpack, hazel gave in to a nap.

the kids LOVED the rock hopping part of the trail.



and then, the worst part. the boardwalk. maybe because we were tired at this point. but mostly because they were narrow and the two boards sort of forced my gait funny. anna fell off and scraped herself up pretty good. and i had to listen to isaac give a detailed report on the stability and condition of each section of the boardwalk.

back at the start, i took one more pic of the breathtaking view.

and anna played long enough to accidentally get all wet.

we made our way to the bus line at exactly the same time as everyone else who wanted to go back to the visitor center. i had to stand for the first leg of the journey. and then i messed up the schedule, because they run fewer buses in the fall and we had to wait for a bit for the bus to take us to our campsite. when it arrived, it was already packed full. thankfully, a nice lady and her hubs moved so i could sit with the girls and isaac stood. which he thought was hilarious and had everyone cracking up around him. a bunch of people got off at the first campsite and we were finally able to all sit and relax. i can’t remember what part of the trip this was, but i snapped this sweet pic of the boy and hazel.

we were totally exhausted. and since i had told the kids that they could play the ipad for however long the hike took us, they got busy with their two and a half hours of screen time and i read a book. and then we all went to bed extra early.

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acadia, day two.
(cadillac mountain)

day two started slowly.

we had a big fat pancake breakfast. i think hazel was a fan.

i used up the rest of the maine blueberries in my pancakes. combined with my ithaca maple syrup, i hardly noticed the terrible store-brand pancake mix. oh, and butter.

i had high hopes of doing some hiking with the lid kids. after doing some reading and map research, i decided we should drive up to the top of cadillac mountain, “the highest peak on the atlantic coast” and the “first place in the us to see the sunrise”… but first, we stopped off at the visitor center, so anna could get sworn in as a junior ranger. she was soooo shy, and i had to turn around and not look when she said the pledge, but i managed to sneak in one picture.

from there, we drove to the entrance to cadillac mountain, only to be turned away by a sort of grumpy ranger. i guess something happened regarding a broken down tour bus, but i assumed that the lot was full and gave up on my hopes for finding a parking spot at any of the cool spots in the park and headed home.

i read all afternoon and grumbled often at the beautiful weather and that the kids were inside playing with legos. so, when derek was done with work, we stuffed some snacks into the kids faces and drove back up to the mountain. this time was a success! and it was awesome.

the kids had learned about bubble rocks in their junior ranger stuff, so they thought this cool rock was close enough.

not content to just enjoy the view, we ventured down to do some exploring.


you know. just hopping around near the edge. i probably have a few gray hairs after this trip.

anna and a moon.

a rare pic with derek. unfortunately it’s all shadowy.

rock hopper mini.

the boy, taking it in.

more explorations.

pretty anna.

crazel, posing with her favorite tree.

probz my new favorite picture ever. the sun was going down and made for really cool or really terrible photos.

she learned to make faces for her pics from her brother.

the big kids.

on our way down, we realized that the sun was setting in 5 minutes and we would never have an easier time to view it from up here. so we pulled over and hopped out to view it.

it was very windy and chilly.

all set.

family selfie.

from there, we actually went over to the jordan pond house for a bit, to shop at the gift shop. stickers and socks and t-shirts were purchased. and then home. and bed.

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acadia, day one.
(bar island trail, sand beach).

we arrived and settled in on a saturday and, not wanting to waste a weekend day, got busy exploring on sunday. the weather was overcast and slightly threatening, so we went low-key and decided to walk across the bar island trail. it’s a sand bar between bar harbor and bar island that you can walk (or drive) across to the island during low tide. but, you have about a 4 hour window, because as the tide comes in, the bar goes underwater.

here we are, about to embark on our short journey. there were lots of folks making the pilgrimage with us.

and a derek selfie version.

hazel was grumpy, because she kept getting rocks in her shoes, but walking barefoot on the sharp shells and barnacles hurt, and getting in the backpack was apparently not an option.

we were quickly distracted by the tide pools.

future veterinarian/creature lover.

derek found the very tiniest crab i’ve ever seen.

and another little guy.

hazel is not a fan of crabs in her immediate vicinity.

we found this big guy, but he was missing a claw.

anna worked up her nerve and eventually was catching her own crabs.

we found an even bigger crab, but this poor guy was missing both claws.

more explorations.

hazel finally agreed to ride in the backpack. and i’m pretty thankful for that…

because before we ever made it out to island, this storm snuck up on us. and we had to make a mad dash to get out of there. the rain was blowing so hard it stung, but the backpack has a shade/cover thing i can pull up over hazel, so that gave some protection.

we made it back to the shore and hunkered down under some trees, while derek went to get the car. hazel wouldn’t let me take her out of the backpack and just cried. and isaac reminded me repeatedly that he predicted it would rain on us and that we shouldn’t go anywhere.

this was the scene out over the water. blerg.

we got back to our site and dried out and bundled up. hazel napped. derek went to the ll bean outlet to investigate kayaks. isaac watched movies. and anna and i got to work on her junior ranger badge.

derek returned from ll bean (with no kayaks) bearing roadside wild maine blueberries. they were delicious.


the weather cleared up and was pleasant enough by evening for us to decide to go see the stars on sand beach. there was a ranger program scheduled where we could learn about constellations and hear myths and legends about the stars. the kids need to go to a ranger program to complete their junior ranger badges, so this would fill that requirement nicely.

pictures in the total dark were tough, but we got a few. one with a flash and blurry eyed children.

derek took the rest, using crazy camera+ settings.

the moon over the water. (newport cove).

and lastly, the big dipper. it was really the only constellation we could make out. the moon was bright and the laser pointers weren’t really working, so it was hard to follow along and the kids lost interest fast.

on the way out, there was a retired astronomer who had set up his giant telescope and was letting people take turns checking out the moon, so derek took the older kids while hazel and i watched movies in the car. and then we made the long drive to our campsite and day one was in the books.

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travel day – moody to acadia.

on saturday, we got an early start (thanks to super helpful kids were were eager to join in the camp packing up duties). our trip was 3.5 hours and happened to pass by augusta, the capital of maine, so the girls and i detoured to visit the capitol building.

we have learned that saturdays are best for capitol building visits. everything is closed and traffic is light. we parked in an actual parking lot behind the building and walked around, only to discover the steps were taped off and we couldn’t do much exploring.

we snapped a couple of pics and got back on the road.

after our slight detour, the gps rerouted us on some backroads to get to our next site. no complaints here. i would much rather travel country roads than on a boring highway. in the middle of nowhere, we stopped for lunch at this tiny little restaurant on the side of the road. we walked in and everyone looked up at us. clearly outsiders. and clearly didn’t read the sign that they closed in ONE MINUTE. they insisted on serving us, but our only options were breakfasts (because it was a breakfast only diner). anyhow, it reminded me a lot of the pok-a-dot inside.

while we were stopped to eat “lunch”, derek texted us with bad news. another blown tire. one of the tires we were assured were fine by the tire guy when the LAST one blew out in june. even though this time everything went much more smoothly, we still had to kill some time so we wouldn’t get to the campsite hours before derek and the camper.

i did some investigating and found a little state park that looked like a good place to kill some time and boy was i right. moose point state park, to be exact. anna and hazel got to work wading in the tide pools looking for creatures.

we were on penobscot bay, which made for an incredibly beautiful backdrop.


our first creature find was this green crab, and i think he might have been dying, because he wasn’t very ambitious when it came to escaping us.


there were a ton of periwinkle snails. the only creatures hazel will pick up. 🙂

we quickly learned that flipping rocks was the best way to find scampering sea life.


and i quickly gave up trying to keep their clothes dry.

super tiny hermit crab.

we were super pleased when we flipped a giant rock and found these guys hanging on for dear life.

we managed to peel one off for anna to investigate.

their happy place.


between the parking area and the tide pool, there were many rocks, that needed climbing. hazel told me “mom, i’m just like mowgli!”…

dandelion blowing still perplexes her.

once we got the call from derek that he was on his way, we got back on the road, with a few minor stops for sightseeing (the penobscot narrows bridge).

and this cute little rock shop. route 1, up the coast of maine, is really cool. i would love to take a trip with no tiny people. there are tons of antique shops and gift shops and little diners and such. anyhooo. we walked out of here with some maine sea glass for the girls and some black obsidian for isaac.

the rest of the trip was uneventful. and now we are here!!

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moody beach (non-lighthouse, non-beach edition).

we spent a lot of time at the beach or on the rocky coast looking at lighthouses while we were at moody beach. here’s some pics of when we weren’t doing those things.

every morning is different here. sometimes isaac is up at the crack of dawn, poking me to ask if he can watch a movie on the computer. sometimes anna is up first, and quietly climbs up with us to snuggle. but, usually, hazel is up first, asking me, “can i play with my trains now?”… so, we climb down, close off derek and the kids and get to work, playing with trains.


i love this picture of anna and her, arm in arm, just doing their own thing, but together-y.

the days are still pretty nice, but the evenings cool off fast, so we have increased our campfire frequency. (and also roasted marshmallow and s’mores consumption). unfortunately, maine firewood is super expensive. something to do with infectious bugs.

since our departure, we have not had camp chairs that we have loved. when we realized we were near a cabela’s, we made a mad dash to give our outdoor seating a serious upgrade. and then we spent an entire evening there.

hazel asked if this was a museum.

i’ve never complained about autumn flavors hitting the scene while it’s still summer. (or christmas for that matter). when we spotted pumpkin spice oreos, i was all over it. but then hazel ate most of them.


the anna baby has become quite the reader. she is loving the “ivy and bean” series, and hijacked derek’s new chair to put in some quality reading time.

technically, this next bit is not about moody beach or maine. but, i didn’t take many pics and there wasn’t enough for a long blog post. on the friday before labor day, derek got off work early, so we headed back south for an evening in portsmouth, new hampshire.

derek researched, and found us a pretty cheap, highly rated, hole-in-the-wall burger joint. we took the advice of the internet and ordered these delicious fries.

we parked right next to a little boutique shop called “hazel”. we didn’t go in, because we would ruin everything, but we obviously had to take a picture of the crazel next to the sign.

after some shopping and dessert eating, we made our way to the waterfront. it was dark, so my iphone pics are terrible.


once our waterfront gazing was complete, we loaded up and headed back to camp. and we could successfully check new hampshire off our list. 🙂

we spent the weekend days rock hopping and light house viewing, but continued having campfires in the evenings.

we busted out a game that we had been hoarding away (mostly because it seemed too complicated), called machi koro. the kids love it. mostly.

um. time out. did you know that crystal pepsi is back? for a limited time? of course i had to have it, so derek surprised me with one. it tasted as i remembered – not quite the same, and not in a good way. the kids were more than happy to help me finish it.

on a particularly rainy and blah day, we were having a rough time with isaac. (we’ve had a lot of those). we have been really trying to not yell or threaten punishments constantly, and find some alternative consequences when he’s having one of his moments/hours/days. so, on this particularly rainy and blah day, i scooped up the girls for an adventure, and left him at the camper with derek. we went shopping and to an epic candy store. he read books.

for our last moody beach (wells, maine) adventure, we went to the maine diner. it’s super famous and has been on diners, drive-ins and dives. we intentionally waited for summer vacation to come to an end, but we still had to wait 30 minutes at 5 pm. thankfully, there’s a little gift shop next door to keep us occupied.

finally seated lidkids.

i got the lobster pie dinner. derek got the “triple d” (seafood chowder, lobster pie, codfish cake). while it was pretty good, we both agreed that we wished we had just gotten a lobster roll. the pie was over the top buttery. and the sides were nothing special. the cornbread muffin was the star of the show.

and lastly, a pic of the annababy. in her “room”.

so, that wraps up our stay in moody beach. we are now on mount desert island, home of acadia national park, near bar harbor. there will be manymanymany posts. i already have three in the queue and it’s only day four.

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