Second Week OVER

My second week of teaching is OVER. Really, it’s been 9 days. i am taking tomorrow off to go to LeAnn’s wedding. She’s making me be in it.
The teaching thing is rough. More often than not, I find myself wondering why I’ve chosen to do this to myself. There have been many 10+ hour days. The kids are terrible. They just plain behave badly. Just for the sake of being bad.
They tip over desks, steal things, talk back like I have never heard before. They have NO respect. I am in over my head way more than I ever thought I would be. It’s stressful.
Other than that, things are fine. Teaching leaves me with about 3 hours to spare, one of which I use for travel. The rest to eat, shower, talk to Derek, watch Survivor and get to bed.
It’s a lot of fun being me right now.

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