Raleigh Adventure

Got back from Raleigh (and/or Durham) yesterday around 3:00. We saw Miracle with Sarah and Jack and then went to the Waffle House on Friday.
Saturday, we shopped at Target for some wedding clothes and a gift and then ate at Buffalo’s. Then, Derek and I went to the wedding.
We saw: Darren Russo, Dennis Russell, Chris and Brooke Byers, The Dowds (2.5 of them), Pastor Clay and Cindy, all of the Minors (there’s lots), Mike and Allison Bullard, and many many more old peeps that I don’t get to see much these days. It was great.
Sunday we went to church and the vacation was over and we drove home.
In other [SAD] news, the Kentucky Wildcats were sent home early last night, but UAB. I hate the first round.

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