Way New Look

Over this weekend (well, mostly in the last few hours of tonight – Sunday), I’ve completely changed the look of this site. As always, I have left much to be completed, so look for more cosmetic beautifying in the next few weeks/months/years. Whatever.

Let’s see…. This weekend…..
We went to a BBQ for Derek’s longtime friend, Stephanie Jolly. We played football and wiffle ball (we battled to a 5-5 tie in three hard fought innings). We ate lots of yummy cookout food. It was lots of fun.
Friday night, Derek and I rented Master and Commander of the Far Side of the World (I think that’s the title). It was really good. I fell asleep — what’s new?? — and had to watch most of it Saturday morning.

I think that’s about all I have to report. Peace out.

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