News Updates

let’s see….

1. I officially have been transferred to Forbush High School in Yadkin County, for the start of the ’04-’05 school year. I will, hopefully, also be coaching some sports. 🙂

2. I went to Durham last night, and I met Chris and Jessie’s new son (Christopher Andrew). It was the cutest baby ever. Usually people think babies are cute, and more often than not, they aren’t that cute. Perhaps even ugly. Not this one.

3. I also got to hang out with Tim and Gloria Minor. We went to Buffalo’s (my old place of extra income employment). I was hard to find a “south beach compliant” menu item.

4. I spent the night with Noah and Carly Phelps (and their parents). We wrestled, played with legos, did flash cards, watched tv, practiced spanish, and played Hulk. Fun times.

5. Derek is on his way home from NYC. His work sent him there. I went last time, but there’s only so much New York a person can take in a year.

15 more days of school!!!!

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