One More Class!!

Tomorrow night is my last Ed Psych class. It’s a summer session and it’s been pretty intense. Especially since I haven’t been a college student in a long time. (I’m the adult learner now! I wonder if the “kids” hate me?)….

Anyhow, I just finished my final project tonight (above), and it’s quite a load of my back. Maybe now I’ll finally do some stuff on this site! After the “End-of-Classes-Party” I may partake in, of course.

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  1. 8:38 PM —> It’s OVER!

  2. i guess my watch is fast. 🙂

  3. I just finished my last test this afternoon. I’m pretty relieved to have it all over with. It’s been stressful.

  4. Hiya. I used to go to YSA in 7th and 8th grade. You met me when i came to visit Mrs. Luffman one day. Thought i would say hi. I know one of your Summer School students, her name is Crystal. lol. I really like your site. Mario rocks! whered you get that?

  5. for the record — these aren’t REAL student files. it’s a photo of my final project for my ed psych class. i made them look like real files for creative purposes. i have permission slips from the parents for this project. just in case anyone is concerned. 🙂

  6. Wow! What a great-looking project! Wonderful authentic assessment, right? I know you are relieved to have finished the course. Congrats! Time to enjoy what’s left of summer before you start to think of lesson plans, new preps, etc., etc.

  7. Hey i know this is so late for me too be responding too this, but hey what the heck im on this one. my picture looks bad, i knew i should have wore a better shirt lol. well my spongebob shirt is tha hizzle!!!! well your project did look great and im glad i could have helped! Summer School was actually good, i thought it would suck. but i guess with us always joking around it went bay pretty darn fast! oh yea bout the 3 weeks and the 15 bucks i got 20 instead lol.. and wasnt that a bunch of crap bout that women thinking it was real (no names mentioned) seriously she needed too butt out and if she don’t like it then she shouldnt look at your site. well im gone!! i’ve wrote a book so far lol see ya later

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