Stayed up late to watch the Red Sox take a 2-0 lead over the Cardinals in the World Series. (In case my site is the only way that you keep up on sports, the Red Sox came back against the Yankees and defeated them in 7 games). Anyhoooooo….

The weekend was restful and productive. We cancelled a trip to the mountains to camp, due to inclement weather. Unfortunate. I gave Lucy a long overdue bath and now she smells so wonderful and she’s so soft.

Tomorrow is a teacher work day. These are better than a day off. A day devoted only to catching up and getting everything back in order. And, it’s not even work, when there’s no kids to look after. (ie: watch like a hawk)….

That is all.

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  1. Well, as it stands, I am one of those who is following this path to the World Series through your site! I have no interest whatsoever but am sure that you are not at all surprised by my admission, huh?
    How was the TWD? I’m insulted that you and Doyle did not call me to meet you all for lunch. Where’d you two dine? I see that I’m losing this battle with him but I always heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder. You haven’t seen me much lately!
    Your first mentor…the one who did it for no pay…just because I saw the great potential in you,

  2. sarahpowers says:

    i can’t wait until they win and i can stop sleeping on the couch!

    go sox.

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