Updates and Such

I guess it’s been awhile.
Things have been rather exciting around here. Basketball started at school and takes up 1/12 to 1/8 of my day. (That’s two to three hours to you non-math people). So, it’s kept me on a strict schedule at the very minimum. I don’t even know how I’m finding time for this very update.

I’ve also been battling a long term cough. I’m quite sick of having it. Last night I only woke up a few times, but the night before was madness. I think I slept for about 45 minutes at the longest stretch.

In world news, I see we held an election and it went favorably. I suppose that’s subjective, but this is my site, and I say it was favorably.

Is that all? I suppose it is. We are heading home soon. For Turkey Day. I’m excited. 14 more days.

That’s it.

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  1. Two weeks from tomorrow and you’ll be with little Jake! I know that is exciting for you! It must be hard at times to be so far away from your family.
    How’s the team looking? Is it a good year to be a beginning coach? Let me know when you have the first game at home. I’ll try to be there to cheer on the FALCONS!

  2. i am super excited to go home. and be in cold cold western new york. the state. not the city. our first home game…. i don’t know. we’re at starmount the tuesday before thanksgiving. big game big game….

  3. what was for lunch today?

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