Belated XXXIX

We had a Super Bowl XXXIX (39) Party on Sunday. Attendees included several couples from our Sunday School Class, old pals and co-workers of Derek’s, and my fellow educator and mentor, Doyle, and his faithful companion, Brooklyne, the dog. (I think that’s the super cool way you spell it.)

Anyhow, the picture above is the cake I decorated for the gala event. I slaved over it all afternoon, postponing the grading of my Algebra II tests until after the Super Bowl. I guess I thought that they would magically get better, if they sat for awhile and fermented. It doesn’t work that way for Math tests, I guess.

Well, I have to finish [a lot of] school work now, so I’m off. Hope you liketh the cake decor!

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  1. dude. that is the best cake ever. you have really good frosting skills.

  2. Once, I tried to make a cake for Dan Dickens, and it wasn’t cool enough and it got all stupid and mixed up and I was mad. This was my redemption cake, some 6 years later.

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