Free Time

We lost last night.

The basketball season is over. I’m sad for the girls. Glad to have some time back. I was getting more and more behind. Now, I have all kinds of free time on my hands. Well, as soon as I get caught up — it will be free time.
It’s a weird feeling. I got done with school today and there was no sense of urgency. Nowhere to go. Nothing to grade really fast while I have 5 minutes here or there. No multi-multi-tasking.

In other news… I’m awaiting a call from my Mom telling me whether or not they’ll be down here this weekend for a visit (a mid-winter in Buffalo escape). My money is on no. We’ll see….

And I guess that’s all it from my world. What’s going on in yours?

6 Replies to “Free Time”

  1. your typing is weird i mean the way you type it in it makes no sence, but hey its your site

  2. I think you mean it makes no cents. And you’re right. Sarah doesn’t make money off of her site.

  3. good sentence structure.

  4. …sense…makes no sense. But if you know Sarah, you know she makes perfect sense, it’s ‘Bethesdaianian’ speaking…..
    Meaning…derived from many hours of hanging out with equally ‘warped in a fun way kind of people.’ 🙂

  5. Thanks for the backup, J. Dubya S.

  6. I think i’m with Loser on this one. Though good arguments all around.

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