Flippin’ Busy

I’ve been so busy this week and it’s finally winding down. Here’s some of the highlights:

  1. a 30 page resource file on exceptional children
  2. 3 lesson plans with modifications for exceptional children (and my partner dropped the class – i’m on my own)
  3. a reflective essay on collaborating on above lesson plans
  4. 3 lesson plans incorporating reading and writing in the math curriculum. good times.
  5. a reflective paper on that process (it sucked)
  6. 2 chapters of reading and answering online essay questions
  7. studying for final on friday
  8. preparing for debate on inclusion on friday (after said exam)
  9. a log/reflection on my first year of teaching

I think that’s it. Can that be right?
I’m probably confused because the resource file took up about 30 hours of time.
It had 4 pages on 6 different exceptionalities, a fantasy classroom (mine is sweet!), a budget, and a classroom management plan.


4 Replies to “Flippin’ Busy”

  1. you should have called me sarah!! i have most of that stuff completed for a class i took. i could have at least given you some ideas or a guide to follow. next time you have anything for an ec kid, let me know!

  2. thanks fisher. 🙂
    tell your hubby congrats on the new job!
    what about you?

  3. Courtney says:

    Good grief, that sounds awful! It makes actual teaching sounds easy! 🙂

  4. courtney who? i know like infinity courtneys.

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