First Fourth

Tonight we went to Lewisville Square, to celebrate our first Fourth of July in our new neighborhood.

It was packed out. We started passing parked cars about 1/8 of a mile down the road. (We walked).

We didn’t really go into “the square”, opting instead for a curbside location just across the street. The lights dimmed and the fireworks began.

And Lucy went crazy.

She only twisted and circled and ranted and raved for the first few fireworks. Then she curled up, with her head shoved under Derek’s legs, as if she were pretending the fireworks did not exist.

She’s already pretty skiddish, and this made it worse. I feel bad for her.

In other news, we are entirely moved, and only need to unpack a few more boxes to be finished. It’s been hectic. And expensive. But, it’s definitely worth it.
And that is all. Happy 4th.

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  1. Lucy is almost back to normal. Poor dog.

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