Welcome to the Neighborhood

So, a storm rolled through yesterday. I was pleasantly napping on the couch at the time. Derek came in and told me that there were tornado warnings. Soon after, the power went out. After the storm seemed to have passed, we looked out our front window to see quite a scenery change.

A Bradford Pear tree that sits amidst some lovely landscaping had snapped at the base. At first we were shocked, but after talking to some friends, we learned that this is common. We actually learned a lot about this particular tree.

We borrowed a chainsaw and went to work. Well, Derek went to work. I’m not sure what to do with the leftovers, but we’ll figure it out.

On the plus side, it gave us the opportunity to meet several neighbors. One of them had a tree fall on his roof, truck and driveway.

Good times, good times.

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  1. kayla hoots says:

    hello mrs. lidbom!!!! I could not figure out how to e-mail you sooo i am going to just write to you this way! Well… I hope you have had a good summer! I have but it has been busy! Yes~we got a big part of the storm the other day too..but no trees were knocked down around our house~thankfully! Well… I have nothing else too say except that I cannot wait until next year so that I can come back to school and see YOU!!!! I MISS YOU MRS. LIDBOM!!!! anyways~have a good summer! see you soon!

    much love~
    kayla hoots

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