First Day

We start back today.
It’s 6:20 am.
I’ll be at the school in a little under an hour.
And the madness will begin.
I had dreams about it last night.
It didn’t go that well. Hopefully I fare better today than I did in my dreams.
I also have a whopping headache. I think it’s one of the kinds you get when you get up too early. When you are ripped from those crucial stages of deep sleep. Everyone’s had them. My eyes would like to shut now. Maybe that’s why I have a headache. It takes so much work to keep my eyes open, it’s making my cranium sore. I am quite delirious….

Bring on the kids!!

2 Replies to “First Day”

  1. naomi hoots says:

    I hope you liked your ice cream cya monday

  2. sarah Pinier says:

    Hey mrs.Lidbom your site cracks me up! I figured id leave a comment because im cool like that. See yah monday….. i was looking fdw to you talking about our class…but maybe next time!

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