Missing: 1 Staple

So, as you may already be aware, I have started taking classes to finish my teaching certification at WSSU. I am also back at work, slaving hard to teach the young’ns some math.

Well, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I get to school at 7:00. Patrol the parking lot from 7:30-7:55. Teach three straight periods (7:55 until 12:48, to be precise). Turn off the lights. Grab my lunch on the go. Ride about 30ish minutes to school. And sit through two 1:15 minute classes at the aforementioned institution of higher education.

My point? Mondays and Wednesdays are HECTIC.

So, today, I managed to squeeze in a stop home, to change clothes, walk Lucy, switch bags, and get gone.
In the bag switch, I forgot to get my travel stapler. Upon arrival to my first class, Modern Algebra, I realized I was about to commit the cardinal sin of not stapling my homework together.

Unfortunately, the only other guy with a travel stapler has dropped the class, so I sat there, not knowing what to do!

My teacher, Dr. Dry-No-Sense-Of-Humor-Do-It-My-Way, told me that I needed to hand it in stapled. And why don’t I just go get a stapler and keep it in my bag? And she’s told us about this before. And (this is the best one): How will I know which papers are yours and which are the other’s?

At this time, we should break, so that I can tell you that there are exactly THREE other people in class. I would think she could figure it out in a pinch. Besides that, the other three RARELY turn in a complete assignment.

Anyhow, I felt like I was back in high school, adhering to some silly teacher’s anal retentive policy. A policy that was more enforced than doing the work properly. And I have to wonder (and worry):

Do I do that now?

The End.

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  1. Sort of like the difference between being a daughter and being a mother.

    Or the difference between being an uncle who doesn’t live with his niece and an uncle who does.

    Just bring her an apple tomorrow. With a bunch of staples in it maybe. That sort of thing runs in the family, i hear.

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