No More North Face

When I returned to school after Christmas, it seemed like every other kid had a North Face Denali fleece. Furthermore, most of them were pink or light yellow or lavender. Not your typical outdoor/hiker shades. After another teacher strolled in with a fashionably PLUM NF fleece, I decided that mine (red) must go. I hopped online and found this Mountain Hardwear Windstopper for very cheap and purchased it right away. Well, it came today and I am glad. So, my new coat gets it’s very own post. Not bad for a coat.

5 Replies to “No More North Face”

  1. Looks great on you!!! Maybe you should strive to be a teacher that no one would want to associate with and you would have these fashion issues…just a thought!

  2. i can’t help my coolness.

  3. Jen Woodyard (Stevens) says:

    SARAH! Cool coat….do they sell them in little man sizes?
    Email me and we can catch up. 🙂

  4. can I have your old one?

  5. i thought you were consolidating?

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