Post Season

So, we are done with our regular season in hoops. We won decidedly last night and finished fourth in the conference. We play our first playoff game at home on Monday. We will be playing the same team we beat last night. Should (hopefully) go well.

In other news, teaching is going well. I’m enjoying this semester greatly. It’s amazing what good (nerd) kids can do to your morale.

In a few minutes, I am going to church and we are taking our youth group on their first service project. We are going to Clemmons Food Pantry to train and then stock for families in need. It should be cool.

Then — tomorrow is the big day: We are going to Raleigh to see Carolina v. Buffalo in a good ol’ hockey match. I’m excited. I should iron my Canes jersey tonight. (Joking).

Well, that’s about it. Until the next episode….

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  1. Hey Sarah! I think you posted a while ago about a really bad math teacher. Where were you taking classes? I think I have her now, it is awful and painfull, and I thought I kinda liked math!

  2. wssu. are you taking classes there?

  3. so…. how is ther tournament going?

  4. We lost (in an upset) on Monday in the first round. We are still looking pretty good for making the State playoffs though. We’ll see.

    It’s been an interesting week. We are down to seven players (from 11). Good times.

  5. Yes, WSSU and this teacher is awful! It is so bad I could cry! I should have never gone to WSSU.

  6. is it a math class?
    dare i ask who is the teacher?

  7. Yep, Yep, math class. The professor is Dr. Zubov, did you have her? A couple of math teachers at Reynolds had her and they had an awful time too.

  8. ahhhhhh!!!!! i had her, but not for math. she was terrible. and boring. and she was the biggest reason i got stuck short a credit at the end of last summer. she’s slack. good luck!!

  9. Nerds Rule!

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