back in the bible belt

well, we’re back.
truth is, we got back sunday night, but i’ve been busy and tired and haven’t posted.
it was a pleasant trip. we didn’t really do much.
we took jake out to buy his birthday present. he chose a gumby toy and a robot dinosaur.
we went to eat at the pok-a-dot where derek ordered his favorite, an italian omelet.
we also dined at other local establishments, such as the miss batavia diner and pontillo’s pizza. other than that, we mostly lounged around and did very little.
it was relaxing.
the two 10 hour drives it was sandwiched between were not as wonderful. nothing bad. just unfun.

so, yeah. now we’re back in the swing of things. counting down the days until thanksgiving vacation! (6 student days)….

in other news, the baby is less than 11 weeks away.
and i’m 2 days shy of 30 years old. bleh.

that’s all!

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