Big Shotz Tavern

A few months ago, a Big Shotz Tavern popped up down the road from us.
Since then, we’ve almost gone there a few times, but decided against it for various reasons. Finally, last night, we went.

It wasn’t very impressive.
We got a French Dip and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Neither were all that impressive. The french dip was on hard crusty bread and was served sans dip. Which is dumb. The chicken sandwich was plain. Derek said he likes TJ’s Deli better. And theirs is like half the price. Big Shotz was a little bit pricey for the type of food and atmosphere. There was one other disappointment, that I don’t blame on the restaurant, nor do I think happens across the board. That is, our waitress was MIA for a large part of the night. Of course, this happened during the part of our dining experience when we both were out of drinks and were trying to suck the melted ice every two seconds. You’d think one of her coworkers would have noticed and jumped in, or at least found her and told her. But, that was not the case.

Anyhow, our curiosity was satisfied and we can close the book on Big Shotz Tavern.
We’ll stick to TJ’s I guess.

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