texas hold ’em

derek’s company christmas party was last night.

we went out to eat with some of his coworkers and wives at carraba’a first. i had mushroom ravioli. it was delicious. and like 50 waters.

then the party was at a fancy pants country club. when we got there, we received 10,000 chips to gamble with. there was roulette, black jack, craps, and texas hold ’em.
the posse that went to dinner snatched up our own hold ’em table and played there for quite a bit of time. i did alright. it was a pretty novice table (myself included) and there was a lot checking. (jake once told me that “checking is what you always do if you can”. killer advice from a 9 year old poker star).

anyhow, it was a late night for a pregnant girl, so this morning has been a little rough. perhaps i’m just wussy in my old age.

oh, to finish the story. i ended up about 5000 chips ahead, i think. (i can’t remember because of all the water, chocolate dipped strawberries, and mostly the wild mushrooms in my raviolis. oh, and because derek mixed his winnings in with mine while i went to the bathroom.). anyhow, we put all the money on one hand of blackjack. the first card was a 2. then a queen. we hit. it was a jack. the end. 🙂

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