The last week of my life….

So, I’m feeling a little better and ready to post some details.

Last Tuesday, we went to the doctor for an ultrasound and appointment. My blood pressure was high, so they sent us to the hospital. Turns out, I was also 4 cm dialated and having contractions (although I didn’t feel them). Since the ultrasound showed a very healthy baby, they decided it was time….

They induced labor around 7ish and it was a long night of upping the doses of Pitocen (sp?) and getting me ready to go. Around 10:45 am, I was ready, but my doctor was in surgery. I waited about an hour and finally another doc came over from the office to help out (the same one who sent me to the hospital). A little while later, Isaac was born. It was pretty easy.

We started off a little rough at first. I was very fatigued and uncomfortable in the hospital. There was a lot of frustration at first, too. Then we came home, and my mom arrived on the scene and that helped a lot. He was still quite fussy and there was still a good deal of frustration. But, he’s been eating a ton better and he’s much more content. We are even working towards somewhat of a routine.

Tomorrow, my mom and family leaves and that’s a little scary. Derek will stay home for three days, but then we’ll be on our own on Monday. Yikes.

Some pictures to follow…..

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