At wit’s end…

Our baby won’t sleep.
For hours.

It’s not just a “sleep through the night” issue. He just would rather be awake.
This wouldn’t be so bothersome, if he was happily awake. But, he cries and cries and cries. I don’t know if it’s digestion problems. His food sure is making it’s way out the other end. I don’t know if we’re feeding him too much or too little. This morning, he ate at 10:00 am. At about 2:00 he still hadn’t gone to sleep. Derek’s mom came over and relieved me and I think he’s conked out now.
It’s extremely frustrating.
I’ve tried going into a dark room with no distractions. I’ve tried overstimulating his little eyeballs. I’ve laid him down without any patting. I’ve patted only. I’ve patted and rocked, patted and bounce, patted and swayed. All to no avail.

I’m pretty sad about the whole nightmare.

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