Busy Day

Yesterday was a very busy day for the monster. Probably the busiest since we were at the hospital. Those days were very busy for him too (being born, being circumcised, getting shots and tests…). Anyhow, yesterday, I took Isaac to Derek’s work so that he (Derek) could show him (Isaac) off to all of his coworkers. Isaac was a big hit amongst the ladies. With every earpiercing shreik, more and more women would peek out of their offices and flock to the little man.
We came home and had a quick feed and change and headed back out to dinner with D-rizzle and G-dawg Nicholson. We tried J. Butler’s, but it was packed out, so we headed to an old Lewisville standby – Ciccione’s. It was also packed out, but we waited it out, because the boy was sleeping. He was very good the entire time. I am a little disapointed with Ciccione’s, as there was no changing table in the bathroom, but other than that, they are very baby-friendly. I suppose we are regulars, because several employees congratulated us. It also helps that Diane (teacher at FHS) moonlights there and I often stop by to visit her.

Today, the mom, the uncle and the great uncle and the mom’s dog on on their way to visit (and help). As of 10 minutes ago, they were about 30 miles north of route 19 in West Virginia. Our estimates put them about 4 – 4.5 hours away. Exciting. And relieving.

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