Last Week "Off"

Today is the first day of my last week off of school. I’m not really all that excited to go back. On one hand, I will get a much needed break from the crying. But, I know that the crying will not last and I will be missing out on a lot of stuff from 6 weeks until 4 months. What if he starts to like the babysitter more than me? That will be tragic. I’ll cry. Then, I’ll be mad, since I was the one that had to have him and then get through the first 6 weeks. I’ll beat her up. And I’ll take it out on him when he’s old enough. I’ll probably ground him for it when he’s 12 or so. 🙂

Anyhow, in other news, I am still battling a vicious cold. I don’t know if Isaac has it yet or if he will get it. Hopefully not. Derek is home today. Partially because I’m sick. Partially because his back still hurts. It was a rough day yesterday, but he had a pretty good night. It would be glorious to have a good day.

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