Three Weeks

Isaac is three weeks old today.
At times, it seems to go by very very fast. But, at other times, it seems that time is standing still. This morning, while he cried and screamed and wailed – time dragged on. But, I can’t believe that it was already three weeks ago that we were at the hospital holding the brand new baby. Crazy.

Lorena came over today and gave me a (much needed) break from the screaming boy. He didn’t sleep ALL morning. She got here after he finally had a nap and played with him while I did a little cleaning, wrote lesson plans and met with a plumber type repair guy who was looking at our hot water heater, to see why the pilot keeps going out. She also introduced me to Baby Einstein dvds. The boy seemed to enjoy it. Her son LOVES them, apparently.

Tomorrow, I go to school for one period. My kids in Calculus haven’t learned an ounce of new material since I left, so I’m going back for a period here and there to keep them moving. It will be good for Isaac, to have some test runs with his “other mom”, Jena, who will be watching him when I *big sigh* have to go back on March 7th.

Finally, in other news, sort of — My mom (the grandma) is coming down this weekend. With Uncle Jake. And possibly Great Uncle Frankie. Hooray. Visitors! and Helpers!

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