Yesterday, Last Night and Today

Yesterday, I took the boy to school to meet my “other kids”. He slept the entire time. The girls were excited to see him. The boys couldn’t have cared less. Some of the nerds tried to ask questions about math, but I refused. I’m not a very good teacher, I guess. I don’t suppose I’ll be getting any teacher of the year nominations. 🙂

Last night was a miserable night. Isaac was up for most of it. He’s been a little grumpy today, which I attribute to his sleepless night. Derek’s mom is relieving me right now, and I don’t hear much — scratch that — he just wailed. Hopefully she can get him to sleep.

They (Derek’s mom and dad) are going to sit for the boy tonight so we can go out to eat. I’ve been taunted for about 7 months by a new restaurant called “Texas Land and Cattle Steak House”. Since pregnant girls aren’t supposed to consume less than medium cooked meats, I have been unable to enjoy one of my favorite meals — medium rare prime rib. Well, tonight we’re gonna put an end to my hiatus. I’ll let you know how it goes…..

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