Church Skipping

After a decidedly rough night and early morning with the monster, we’re going to skip church. Hopefully, we’ll be able to catch up on a little bit of the missing sleep. It’s also really really cold out, and I’m not all the excited about dragging Isaac out into the frigid March North Carolina air. (That’s supposed to be sarcastic).

I just realized that I moved here 7 years ago. I came down to drop off half my stuff on St. Patty’s day weekend. I remember meeting some friends at Woody’s sports bar for lunch and watching like 24 basketball games simultaneously. I had just driven through the night, so I was operating on adrenalin and would soon come crashing to a halt, but those first memories are etched in, nonetheless.

Anyhow, I am posting a picture of the monster, just because he’s cute. And then I’m off to find some of the aforementioned missing sleep.

Also, we’ve started posting some videos of the boy on the picasa site.

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