How to have a cry-free walk

Today, it was so nice out, on the way home from the babysitter, I resolved to take the boy for a walk.

We have decided that he hates to be in his car seat in the stroller, so we tested him out in the “big boy” part of the stroller. He holds his head up very well, and there’s a slight head rest to keep him from getting all hunched over and uncomfortable.

Usually, he screams for walks.
Today, it started off a little rough. I was only 2 or 3 houses up the street when he started crying. I was a little frustrated, because I so badly want to take walks and undo all this excess pregnancy weight.
Then, I decided to roll one side of his all terrain stroller on the grass. He stopped crying immediately. For the rest of the walk, anytime he started to whimper/cry, I would put the wheels back in the grass for a little bit, and the crying would subside.

I think I may have solved the problem of the Crying (Screaming) Stroller Baby.

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