New Ride

So, when we found out we were going to have a baby, Derek and I knew we’d have to make some vehicular adjustments. Namely, I would not be able to put the baby in the Tacoma. We decided to put our townhouse sale money towards buying Derek’s dad’s Volvo. It was a good deal, but…

We didn’t want to give up the truck, because it’s so functional. We both need a vehicle that the boy can be put into, safely. And between the three rides, we don’t really have anything that will be sufficient for a road trip with a baby.

Today we traded the Volvo in for a new Honda Element. This will serve as my version of a minivan. The key features are: it’s bigger, it can be sprayed out (it’s pretty much entirely rubber and plastic), it’s blue and it gets good gas mileage.
We’ll keep old Charlene (the Tacoma), through the summer and a few planned big jobs, but then she’s going to become someone else’s trusty old truck. 🙁

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