Another one down…

…three to go.

It wasn’t the best day, but we survived.
The monster does NOT want to sleep during the day for more than 45 minutes. It’s quite frustrating. When he gets up, he’s grumpy and cries a lot. If he would just sleep longer, he’d be a happier boy.

Tonight got a little stressful because it was looking like he had no interest in going to sleep for the evening. He fought it pretty hard for about an hour, before resigning to slumberland.

We went to Target today, for a midday trip. Derek’s mom met us there (unbeknownst to us). We picked up some socks, another Baby Einstein DVD (the best invention ever), and more big bottles because the boy is eating 5 or more ounces at every feeding. He picked up some other stuff too, but it is not blogworthy.

Well, I shall retire and see if I can catch some Z’s before the boy is ready to eat once more.

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