I don’t want to work….

…I want to bang on my drum all day… (that’s a song lyric, I don’t really want to bang on a drum. But, it’s true that I don’t want to work.)

Here’s a quick run down of events since the last post.

Um, there was friday. It was friday. I taught school. Then, I got the boy. I love fridays.

On Saturday, we were busy. We went grocery shopping. We went for a walk. We went to this stupid Lewisville Family Fun Picnic. Derek made a prime rib (and it was delicious). I mowed the lawn. Derek and I watched “The Prestige”. It was good. And that’s all. Exciting, I know.

Today we went to church. Isaac had a meltdown. I heard him crying, but the number that flashed on the screen was not mine, so I just thought it was a different screamer. Then, a few minutes later (the crying had yet to subside), I felt a tap on my shoulder and someone whispered, “your baby’s crying”…. I went to get him and he was completely inconsolable. It was a traumatizing morning for him. We got him home and he took an EXTRA long nap. Poor fellow.

Tonight, I made my triumphant return to Junior High Youth Group. I was cast straight into the fire as we immediately began a rousing game of 8-squares (a high octane, extreme variation of 4-squares). It was a good time. Derek managed to get the boy off to bed without any glitches, so that was good, too.

And with that, another week begins. Bleh.

Some pictures:

This is the boy in his new, high tech umbrella stroller:

And this is the aforementioned primerib that Derek cooked up:

And this is a cute (pre-meltdown) pic of Isaac before church this morning:

There’s more here.

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