It was a good day

(another lyric reference from the early nineties…)

Anyhow, yesterday was a good day with Isaac T. Lidbom. He would eat, stay up and play, get fussy, and sleep. Repeat. It went well.

Today hasn’t started off so great. He ate at 5:30 and fell back asleep. He woke up at 7:00 and didn’t want to sleep, play or eat. So, Derek gave him some Benadryl on his teeth, and now he seems ok.

I stayed up (on and off) late to watch the Sabres game, so I’m exceptionally tired today. Stupid. And to make matters worse, they lost. And to make them EVEN worse, I didn’t see them lose because I dozed off. Stupid.

That is all.

Oh wait, it’s not. For Mother’s Day, Isaac (and Derek, mostly) made me this cool blog timeline of Isaac Events.

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