Our Day

5:00 am – up and at ’em. a big bottle and the day begins.
7:15 am – off to sleep for a little bit.
7:55 am – back up and ready to eat. a bottle is provided.
8:15 am – off to fhs to meet and greet.
9:15 am – after several meltdowns, we’re heading home.
9:35 am – the boy falls asleep for what i hope is a lengthy nap.
10:30 am – lengthy it is not and a crabby boy is awake.
10:45 am – we try eating again.
12:35 pm – after much trying and crying, the boy goes to sleep.
1:15 pm – back awake.
1:30 pm – we eat.
1:45 pm – off to grocery shop.
2:45 pm – we’re home, unpacked and ready to nap. the boy dozes off sometime before 3:15.
3:45 pm – and the boy undozes. i cringe. i try unsuccessfully to get him back to sleep.
4:15 pm – we eat once more.
4:30 until now (6:15) – it’s been pretty much a blur. we’ve tried to sleep. there’s been much crying. much. we’ve tried just about every toy in the house, to no avail.

perhaps i’ll rethink the stay-at-home-mom-ness. i am not having a good day.

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