Revisiting Sleeplessness

This weekend has been awful.

We have reason to believe that Sir Isaac Lidbom is teething. Here’s what makes us think that:
1. he drools EVERYWHERE.
2. he chomps down HARD on your finger, upon insertion.
3. he’s ULTRA cranky
4. he just won’t sleep.

We’ve tried everything. He’s been chewing on ice cold teething rings, fingers, and toys. That is ok for awhile, but then he screams.
We just gave him some Kid’s Tylenol, but now, I think he’s so overtired that he’s fussy because of that.
I think he’s slept about 45 minutes total since 5:30am. Maybe.

It is very reminiscent of the early Isaac days. The days where all he did was cry and eat and not sleep. It’s been miserable, but hopefully it will be short lived.

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