My boy wants to party all the time…

We had a busy busy weekend.
We started it off on Saturday midmorning with some yard sale hopping. At one sale, we purchased a thermal onesie and a singing Elmo (it sings “Elmo’s World”). At another, we picked up what appeared to be a grandmother’s library collection for her granddaughter. I was picking out some of books of better quality and appearance when said grandmother told me to take them all for $2. It was quite a steal. I scooped them up and peeled two fresh one dollar bills from my yard sale stash and was on my way. Now, if only the little man would NOT CRY whenever he was sitting still, maybe we could start reading to him.
After a post yard sale nap, we packed the boy up again, and went grocery shopping. He likes grocery shopping. All the old ladies stop and play with him and he gives his best and cutest scrunched nose smile.
After another nap, we headed to the wedding shower of Derek’s friend Stephen and fiancee, Correne. At this point, Isaac was at his limit for excitement on the day. He was ok at first, but began to get crabby, eventually became angry and then turned to complete meltdown. We wisked him away and off to sleep he went.

Today, we skipped out on church, because the morning nap didn’t seem to indicate that life in the nursery would be very enjoyable. Derek went and represented the family. We laid low all afternoon, before heading out to a party at Josiah’s house. (Isaac’s friend). We were supposed to have a church party, but it was cancelled due to inclement weather, so Josiah’s parents had a few of us over to share our pot luck side dishes with each other. Isaac played with Josiah and test drove his walker. He didn’t like walking in it, but he liked the toys and liked getting pushed around.
He started getting a little tired and grumpy, so we headed out and he fell fast asleep on the ride home. He’s now sleeping away in his bed after a busy partying weekend.

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