Photos and Updates from NY.

At the request of my “southern friends”, I am posting some pictures.
First, here’s an update. So far, we’ve:

1. visited Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ray.
2. visited Gramps and Carolyn.
3. visited sarahpowers’s mom and dad.
4. gone to the Batavia Wal-mart. Soon to be a Super Wal-mart.
5. gone to the grocery store for baby food.
6. made s’mores. (isaac slept through this).
7. fed the fish.
8. visited Julie(Redband)Varland.
9. purchased and swam in a kiddie pool.
10. purchased a baby life vest for boating on the lake.
11. gone for a walk to a natural spring.

I think that’s it. I’ll try to keep the pictures coming.
In the meantime, these will have to do:

Asleep in the car on the trip up:

First Pok-a-dot trip:


Being cute:

Getting fed by (Aunt) Julie:

Playing on the deck:


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