Celebration Station and Other Updates

I suppose it’s been awhile, according to the precedent I set last week.

There hasn’t really been much to report.
Jake has played many many video games. We bought some crap at Target. We went grocery shopping. We had lunch at the Olive G. with Doyle and Gretchen and Cora. We attempted to go to Adventure Landing (only to find several busloads of kids who were doing the same, so we turned around and left).

Today was a big day filled with action and adventure.
We traveled to Greensboro for an exciting day at Celebration Station. On thursdays, they have $6 all-you-can-ride go-karts.
Here’s the highlights:
1. When we waited in line for 20 minutes when we first got there to purchase our bracelets.
2. When Jake and I waited in line for an estimated 40 minutes to take our first go-kart ride.
3. When some kids pulled off a very sneaky plot to cut in line in front of us, just before our turn. (We had to wait for another round of go-karters because of this).
4. When some kids cut blatantly cut in front of Jake, while he waited to ride the kiddie go-karts.
5. When the girl running the go-karts kindly turned away several kids who were clearly tall enough to ride them. She was very unpleasant.

Jake had a lot of fun, but it was pretty boring for me. I rode no go-karts. I played no games. I just let my anger with the general public rage inside of me. And I watched Isaac the Boy. I’ll be posting pictures soon. Maybe.

On the way home, we stopped at the Farmer’s Market for some fresh produce. We just watched the finals of the World Series of Pop Culture. (I think I could win). Now that it’s over, we can claim our lives back. Darn you VH1.

Tomorrow, we’re prepping for a Yard Sale on Saturday. And that’s the scoop.

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