home sweet home

we’re home. we rolled in around 1:30ish.
it is good to be back.

the trip was not entirely enjoyable, this time around.
we picked derek up at the buffalo airport and headed straight home.
we stopped for dinner somewhere in pennsylvania.
jake wanted burger king. derek and i wanted taco bell.
so, we hit taco bell first. after a very very long wait, we got our order along with an apology and explanation. it seems that taco bell was holding a training session at 6 pm on a saturday evening. good.
we moved on to bk. we just barely beat a crowd of traveling boy scouts. jake went through the line and placed his order. he didn’t realize that he could pour his own drink (that comes with a kids meal) at the drink station, so he told the cashier that he wanted a coke. after we paid, we looked at the receipt and there was an extra drink on the order. derek went to the cashier. here is a summary of the conversation that took place:
derek: we only needed one drink.
cashier: he ordered two.
derek: well, we only need one.
cashier: well, you get one of them for free
(the kids meal drink that gets included in the cost of the kids meal….not free)
awkward silence while cashier tries to wait for derek to give up the fight.
cashier calls manager over.
cashier: they ordered two drinks, but now they only want one.
we got the money back. good customer service.
then we wait about 10 minutes for the chicken nuggets and fries.
then we get on the road.
i dig into my bag of taco bell treats, only to find that i am short a chalupa. 🙁
i checked the receipt. it’s on there. i bought it. it should be on it’s way into my mouth, but no.
i wonder once again, should they be training at 6pm on a saturday evening. i enjoy my $4 burrito and one of derek’s tacos and fester in my frustration with the fast food industry.
and we keep driving.

we stayed last night in a hotel. jake LOVED it. he likes mini things, so the soups soaps were very appealing to him. plus, they had a window bench that was big enough to double as a bed for a 9 year old boy, so he slept there happily. it was a win-win for everyone.

isaac traveled well. he has been fast asleep since we got home. derek’s parents are on their way over to see the little man. he’s changing so fast these days. when we got home, i put him on the floor and a couple seconds later, i looked over at him and he was sitting up. we cheered for him and he fell over backwards, but these things take time.

well, that’s about it. time to settle in for the rest of summer. 🙂

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