This morning, I was in the bedroom with Lucy. As I bent down to pick up some clothes, she tried to jump up onto the bed. The top of her (rock hard) head collided with my lower lip and my tooth plummeted through the soft insides of my mouth. It was incredibly painful and very bloody.

I wasn’t too sure what to do. The doctor’s office said I should go to the ER and get it looked at because they had no record of my Tetanus shot. (I got one before I married Derek due to a harrowing mountain biking accident). The dilemma was, if I went to the ER, they would quarantine poor, sweet Lucy, to make sure she wasn’t a dangerous threat of a canine. If you know Lucy, you know this is preposterous.

I took a quick shower and sort of brushed my teeth (I didn’t want to have someone digging around my mouth without having a morning brushing. I would rather risk infection).

I called the France’s and they let me come over so the doctor dad could take a look. He took 3 seconds to check it out and informed me that I would be fine, and despite the gaping hole in my lip, I didn’t need stitches.

And that’s how my day started out.

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