Just the two of us…

Derek left me and Isaac this morning.
We’re on our own in Batavia, NY. (Not really — my mom and stepdad and Jake are still here).

The folks of the lake are putting on quite a fireworks display tonight. Surprisingly, Isaac has slept soundly through the entire event. I am getting ready to check on him, because the sound sleeping is quite worrisome.

Since my last post, we’ve:

1. had a cookout at Leslie and Eric’s new house. They bought a house in downtown Buffalo and it’s in desperate need of a lot of work. They completely gutted the place, but since have finished a few rooms – enough to make it somewhat livable.

2. had a cookout at the lake. It was similar company to the previously mentioned cookout at Leslie’s. My old college soccer coach (who lives in a cottage down the road) stopped by. It was nice to catch up. I won a Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots tournament that Jake put together.

3. went to the Varland’s for breakfast. Julie (mom), Nate (dad) and Anna (1 year old daughter), that is. We had a good time talking about our new and improved lives as parents.

4. checked out several garage sales. We picked up some clothes for the little man. He’s on his way out of all the 3-6 month clothes and ready for the next round.

Well, that’s about all…
I’m going to check on the boy. Have a lovely day~

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