Yesterday was one of the worst Isaac days since the first month or so.
The monster would not sleep.

He started off by awakening at 5:00 am. From there, he took 3 super short naps throughout the day. He screamed and wailed while he was awake. He was SOOOOO tired, but he just refused to sleep. I think he was afraid he was missing something. It was miserable. Finally, my mom took him for a walk around 5:15 or so. When she arrived home, he was asleep. He woke up for the transfer to the crib. We all crossed our fingers and back asleep he fell!
At this point, the dilemma was: do we let him sleep through the night and risk a 3am awakening? (He usually sleeps around 10 hours-ish). Or, do we let him take a nap and get him up for a little while and then put him to bed for the night?
We opted for choice A. We let him go. Around 8:30, he stirred a little, so Derek fed him and put him back down. (He hadn’t eaten since 2:30 at this point, so I guess he was probably starving).

When did he wake up this morning, you ask?
6:10 am!!!

And better yet, he’s back down for a nap – with no screaming or flailing or arching of the back (my fav).

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