3 Straight…..

We’ve had three straight “good” days, here at the ranch.
The boy seems to be getting into a bit of a routine. He’s been going down for naps and bedtime without much fanfare. He is still waking early from some naps, but sometimes he’ll go back to sleep on the bed with me (a good nap for the mom, also). Other times, I just get him up and take my chances. All in all, I’m pleased with the last few days.

I joined a gym yesterday. I’m not really happy with how the baby weight has been overstaying it’s welcome. The gym has childcare and it is open 24 hours, so I have NO excuses. We went today for the first time. He managed ok without me, and only started crying upon my entrance into the room. It was as though he realized that I was gone and that he should be upset about this. Or he’s manipulating me. Or it was coincidence that I walked in at the exact moment he was upset. Either way, it was cute. 🙂

Finally, I’m suffering from an obnoxious sore throat that has been keeping me up at night. I’m quite frustrated with it. I just took some cough syrup (and wanted to vomit) and I’m about to hit the sack early, just in case I awaken several to many times tonight.

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