Seven Months

The boy is seven months old today.
He’s getting big and smart and coordinated very quickly.

I noticed today that he can make a kissing sound.
He practices it whilst clearing off the coffee table of all of its inhabitants.
(cell phones, cameras, coasters, towels, books…)

We are heading to the mountains for a few days to a week of vacationing.
Isaac and I scored a sweet baby backpack and he’s excited to hit the trails.
As am I, with 25 pounds of backpack and baby stuck to my back.
Not to mention the extra 25 pounds I have lingering around now that I didn’t have the last time I hiked. Should be a good workout. If I don’t die.

I think we’ll have internet access, so I’ll try to keep everyone up on our adventures in beautiful Banner Elk.

ps. if anyone wants to stop by and mow our lawn, feel free.

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