teaching math never sounded so good….

This weekend has been awful.
Isaac has had a lot of trouble sleeping and it’s made for a very unhappy Isaac during his waking hours. And very unhappy parents during Isaac’s waking hours.

Friday night, he screamed for an hour and a half before he would go to bed. But, of course, he woke up at his normal time, bright and early, at 6:00 am. Then, he would only take 45 minute naps all day yesterday. And he screamed in between said short naps. I put him to bed at 6:15.

He slept until 6:00 this morning, but has taken even SHORTER naps today. He’s currently screaming his little head off with Derek, so that I don’t forfeit my sanity. It’s been rough going.

And I’m not really sure why I am not going back to school…

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