The (unwanted) Adventures Of Isaac

Isaac took a spill down the stairs today.
It was terrifying.

I was in the living room and heard a thumpthumpthumping sound. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen and realized that he wasn’t there and the thumping had come from the 15ish stairs (off the kitchen) that lead to the basement/garage. I ran to the doorway to see him at the bottom and I think I jumped about 8 steps at a time to get there. He cried pretty hard for about 3 or 4 minutes. We walked outside and he settled down and then even laughed at Lucy (because she acts like a maniac when we’re outside and she’s fenced in the backyard).

He was nearing nap time when he took the tumble, but we kept him up a little bit for observations. He seemed back to normal, so I let him sleep. He was sleeping like a rock, so I woke him up after about an hour and 15 minutes (because he rarely does that). He seemed fine and acted like his usual self, so we were relieved. Luckily, our stairs and landing are carpeted.

After waking him up at 9:30, he hasn’t slept until now (1:00 pm). I didn’t have the heart to let him cry for very long after all he’s been through today. (I barely have the heart to let him cry on days that he hasn’t tumbled down a flight of stairs). I think he has just (in the time it’s taken me to type this) gone to sleep. Hopefully, he’ll get recharged so we can get out of this house this afternoon. The walls are closing in….

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