boring days…

there’s not been very much exciting stuff happening in our world.
isaac’s gotten into a decent routine, so it’s getting easier and easier with each passing day. he climbed up the stairs all by himself last week. needless to say, we now have the gate closed during all waking hours.

i went to some consignment sales yesterday and scored some cheap secondhand clothes for the growing little man. we put some 6-9 month footed pj’s on him last night and they were stretched as tight as they could go. on to the next size up, i suppose.

we’re heading halfway up the eastern u.s. next weekend to meet my mom and jake. they need to get their isaac fix. we don’t have a meeting place yet, but it will be somewhere in the middle of west virginia, if you know any good places…

well, i have to get ready for church. or should i say, get ready to sit in the lobby with a screaming baby after i get called out of church because he was having a meltdown. seems pointless, but i’ve got to at least give it a try….

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