Coughing Genes

I’m still fighting off what I like to refer to as my “whooping cough”. It’s very frustrating, but whenever I get a cold or a sore throat, it turns into a lengthy bout with an annoying cough that consumes my life. A few years back, I had it for FOUR months. I finally had this narcotic for the evening and this little gel spheres to “swallow” in the day and I kicked it. I didn’t really swallow said spheres, as they were designed to lodge in my throat and attack the cough at the scene. It’s my Achilles Heel, I suppose. With every tickle in my throat, I run for a back of cough drops, Cloriseptic and the Robitussen.

Anyhow, the long preface is just to say that I think I gave the whooping cough to the boy. I don’t think he’ll get the part where it lingers and never goes away, but right now he’s waking up a lot and coughing out phlegm all day long. He doesn’t even cover his mouth. I feel bad for the little man.

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