Christmas Eve Day and 11 Months

Isaac is 11 months old today. I cannot believe that in one month we’ll have a baby whose age can go in the years column!

He’s so different every single day. Today, for example, he’s taken to yelling while he plays. Not for any reason. Just to yell.

He’s walking everywhere. Just to walk. With no exact destination in mind. He goes from the kitchen cabinets, to the living room, around the coffee table, to the tv, to the front door and then back to the kitchen. He’s even figured out how to stand up on his own.

His current favorite sounds (besides yelling) to make are s’s and t’s. Occasionally, we get to hear some sweet cuss-sounding words. It’s all fun. Here’s a slideshow of the month in review. We weren’t too great about taking pictures in the last month. He’s too busy to take the time to take good pictures.

In other news, it’s Christmas Eve Day. In case anyone had lost track. We’re going to stay clear of the shopping meccas today. We’re having lunch with Doyle and Cora and then I think we’ll chill at the house until Christmas Eve Festivities at Derek’s parents.

And that’s that.

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