back to normal….

my parents and jake came and went and now our life is back to normal. it has been a crazy couple of weeks, as i’m sure it’s been for everyone else.

we celebrated our ny christmas on sunday. i got a wake forest hoodie and an immersion blender. a sweet one. to replace the $2 garage sale one i had previously. see also: the $2 garage sale one that quit working on christmas day.

derek also gave me a gift card to lowe’s to begin painting the white walls of our house. white was good for a while. clean, fresh, new. now, they are scuffed and not very easy to clean and are looking quite dingy. and boring. so, that will be my stay at home mom insanity prevention project for the next few months. or so.

well, i’m off to get our house back in order and get off to the gym. you know, the whole new year’s resolutions thing….

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